Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do your days fly by too?

How my day went...
  1. Loved and fed my family-I have visitors until Sunday afternoon
  2. Worked-saw some clients
  3. No walk today-but have one planned for in the am.
Bfst: 2 eggs/spinach/coconut bread with very little pb 0/1
Lunch: Flat bread w/ meat & cheese 0/1
Snack: Think Thin bar 3/1
Dinner: Taco w/ salad (no dressing) 2/1
Sugar free snow cone-pretty sure it wasn't made with Stevia
I generally eat more veggies, but some days  just work out like that.

I hope your day went well!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Beginnings

 For 'dieters' Monday is always a new beginning. Why not Wed?...I don't know.
 It feels good to wake up today, and not beat myself up for eating whatever I thought I wasn't suppose to eat over the weekend. It's wild that I've done that so much. It seems like such a mean thing to do to yourself-don't you think?
I met the goals I set for myself yesterday. It's just one day at a time-kinda like a 12-Step program for a sugar/carb addict like me (recovering, I might add).
I wish each of you a day of meeting your goals-whatever they are. And if in some way you feel you fall short, know we each do that from time to time. There is a supportive BFC community for those who reach out, and I'm sure glad I did.

* Same as yesterday
* Say encouraging words to myself
* Enjoy the sunshine
*Enjoy good food-and enjoy good people more

Happy Monday,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another day to enjoy

As you know I've been busy with my family here, but I keep checking in with you all.  It helps me stay focused, and I need to focus!
Just some random musings...
 I often let myself be the very last on the list when I'm with family...especially with my children/grandchildren. They don't ask for that, it's just the way I've always 'done it'. I have been struggling with weight issues for most of my life...gee, I wonder why?  I'm choosing not to do that this week-however, I didn't get a walk in yesterday. I am up early today, so I am planning on grabbing a quick walk this morning.  I have this food container in my fridge with some of my BFC foods. I might have gotten teased about the chia seeds. I often try not to bring attention to myself when I'm 'dieting' (I know it's not a diet, but a health plan) I think I've failed so often-that I'd just rather show up thinner/fitter, and then we can talk about it.  If you've dieted/lost/gained/dieted, etc...maybe you know what I'm talking about.  It's been my cycle for years!!!!
 Success (for me) is about planning: having good foods on hand, when/how to exercise, what are you going to do when you go out to eat, go on a vacation, or when your schedule changes, just the everyday stuff we all encounter. 
So for today, I plan on:
* Taking a walk this am
* Eating extra fiber
* Drink more water
* Eating berries/whip cream-while the rest eat another dessert
* Keep BFC'in
Have a blessed day-

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday, and I hope you have something special planned to celebrate the weekend. I'm such the 'simple' girl that just about anything feels like a celebration, especially when I'm with family.
I got on scale this morning 182.5...down 2.5lbs...finally! (10 lbs lost since mid June) I had been 'stuck' for a few weeks. It's hard to not get discouraged, but it's been so helpful to have this team of BFC'ers. Thank you everyone.
I will be picking up my daughter and grandson the from airport in a few hrs. Yee Haw!  So I'm off to put finishing touches on the house and grab a quick walk before all the fun starts.

Your friend in fighting for good health!

-Alex Haley
"Find the good---and praise it"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm still here...

Happy Thursday...I'm preparing for our youngest daughter and baby to come for a week's visit, seeing clients, and BFC'ing.  I did well yesterday, stayed within s/c and took 5 mi walk.
I've appreciate the notes I get of encouragment, and I've really like the group discussion board on FB. I think Rosalie might have started that.
I was thinking today how important it is to try new things on this plan-and also be aware of creating new menus that you can easily eat when you're at goal as well.  It's not just a few months or years in some cases and then go back to the same patterns that caused us to be...in my case anyway, at an unhealthy weight.  I love my life and want to enjoy it with my family for as long as possible. For me, I know that includes eating healthy. I believe I'm moving in a good direction.
So far today...and I took a 5 mile walk in the mountains along a river...wish you were here to enjoy it with me.
Bfst: 2 eggs/few mushrooms/spinach sprinkle with parm 0/0
Lunch: Raw cauliflower & hummus , flatbread w/ avocado, turkey & cheese 3/2
...and if all goes well...this is how I'll finish my day
Snack: Celery & peanuts 2/1
Dinner: Whey protein shake w/ chia seeds and spinach. I know, I know it sounds crazy, but you can't taste the 1-2 oz of fresh spinach you put in it (it is an odd color though!), and 1 T cocoa pwd. 0/1

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Tuesday

I spent some time this morning  visiting a few friends, and will be seeing a few clients this afternoon. (I'm a massage therapist/esthetician). It's a beautiful day here, and I plan on taking a walk once it cools off this evening. I live fairly close to mountain/river trails, and it's my favorite place to exercise/relax.
I did pretty well yesterday sticking to my plan. Honestly, I don't like the do-ahead menu thing, but it did help me to think my food out a bit.  I like having a few things on hand and ready, and then see what I feel like eating. Like last night I didn't feel like dinner-but ate a few bites of chicken later on w/ avocado.  I should have checked out the carb value before I ate, but live and learn!
So far today for:
 Bfst: oatmeal w/ chia seeds & almond milk (S/1, C/2).
Snack: Raw cauliflower w/ hummus (S/2, C/1)
It looks like sardines (yes, you read that right: low mercury, good dose of Omega-3's-I just recently discovered that I like them) and a high fiber crisp bread thingy for lunch w/ a small spinach salad: (S/1, C/1)
I do this thing w/ my chia seeds: I put 2-4 T of seeds in jar w/ lid-add water. Thet soften, swell-and gel, and I like them in my oatmeal like that.  It bulks up that little bit of oatmeal and is filling...and adds good dose of fiber. 
May you have a blessed day...
"One kind work can warm three winter months"  -Japanese Proverb

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stats and committments

I started BFC mid June, and I think I weighed about 192. This morning the scale said:185. Not a super impressive loss, and I've been here for a few weeks. I really think this blogging/public tracking thing will keep me moving along...won't do me any real good to feel discouraged today! I've been vacationing (multiple mini trips), not tracking as well, and I do have a tendency to snack, so I know where to begin.

Waist: 36.5' -
Thighs: 23.5 (right .5' smaller?)
Upper Arm: 13"
 I will measure 1x month and weigh weekly. Monday morning seems a good time for that.
My menu plan for today:
Bfst:  2 pieces-Coconut bread french toast,  choc whipped cream and few raspberries, 1 egg (2/1)
Snack: Celery & 1 oz of walnuts (1/0)
Lunch: Chicken wrap w/ spinach & hummus (2/1)
Snack: 1c. raw Cauliflower w/ yougurt dip (2/1)
Dinner: Chicken, 2 c romaine lettuce(radish,celery, and mushroom) salad w/ flax seed dressing & chocolate chia seed pudding(2/1)
Lots of H20 & 4 mile walk.
Looks like a good plan-totals for today 9/4
...any suggestions?  How often do you weigh/measure self?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm a simple girl...

Yes, I am that simple girl: I love my family, the outdoors, a good book, and 'real' conversation.

I'm new to the blogging world-so I'll learn as I go. This is a picture of me and my husband of 33 years-pic taken last Christmas. 
 I've been following BFC for about 2 months now. I'll give my stats later, but I wanted to share a few things I've learned as I've been following your blogs, and why I wanted to start my own:
1) Accountability- I've noticed that those who seem most successful share their food logs, weight (high's & low's), measurements, etc. You're bravery has helped me these last weeks. Thank You! 
2) Support-It's hard for me to ask for help, but I need to. I see (read) you all cheering each other on.
3) Rescources- Recipes, links, tips-they've been so helpful to me.
4) WWRD??...she would blog and let other's help her, so here I go!