Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where is she...?

I'm still here.
A  special thank you for those who keep checking in with me. I appreciate you so!

What's up?:

  • Working (I love that I get to help people feel better...I'm a massage therapist...and doula in training...I've been to (2) births within last last few weeks...yep, I love my work)
  • A little gardening: My basil is growing so lush! I put ginormous handfuls in my Blender. Add some lemon juice and zest and tiny bit of oil/water and buzz it up. Then I place it in an ice cube tray to freeze, then baggie it up to use for later. It's so delicious added to soups, sauces, salad dressings-or pastas (if you're so inclined). Wherever you like basil, this will work.
  • Exercising: My work is physical, and I do try to walk... close to any body of water.
  • BFC'ing/FT'ing: You see lately I'm not talking too much about that. It's because I'm not thinking too much about it. I'm not totally off the wagon (honestly). 2/3's of the time, I do really well :)
  • Menopause-ing: For those who may be interested...I found an herbal blend with Black Cohosh and a few other things. I'm SO pleased to report my hot flashes have decreased in frequency & intensity...amazingly so.   I'm also searching/using some essential oils (I'll keep you posted on that experiment).
It's summer, and I want to do a happy dance. I just may...the day is young.
 I'm off to watch my grand daughter (she's 3, and most darling) take swimming lessons, pick some roses (mine are off the charts lovely right now), see a client, and welcome my traveling hubby home this evening :)

I send affection and support from one lady who's efforts are for physical and emotional health (that would be me) to each of you.
Take Care


  1. Nice to hear from you - sounds like you are so busy. I love the ice cube idea.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Your life sounds fulfilling for you right now. I hope all is well. Thanks for checking in with us. Hugs.

  3. What is the herbal blend brand that you are taking? I am waking up at night because of the hot flashes and it does not make me happy:(
    It's always nice to see your sweet posts!

  4. Jeri, loved hearing from you! I used to take an herbal blend too that did me a lot of good. Mine was from the Women to Women online program that I didn't join but just bought the Herbal essentials from. I think I took them for about a year and then didn't need them anymore. What a great ideal for the Basil! I have a ton of it growing and will give that a try.

  5. I like to hear from you whenever you have the time. I am struggling to keep up with my blog, keep reading the blogs and maintaining my cyber friendships. It's a balance, as is everything these days. Sending love and hugs!

  6. Sounds great! I had a doula for my middle son's unmedicated birth - what a great experience. I felt so empowered for that birth. You are working miracles, I am sure! Take care, and smell that basil and those roses for me - yum!!

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