Sunday, July 8, 2012

See you soon-

...I'm taking the summer off from blogging.
I wish I could say I was off vacationing-I would really like one.
Work and multiple family needs are begging for my time right now.
I wish you all you kind souls a good summer.
See you in the Fall-

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where is she...?

I'm still here.
A  special thank you for those who keep checking in with me. I appreciate you so!

What's up?:

  • Working (I love that I get to help people feel better...I'm a massage therapist...and doula in training...I've been to (2) births within last last few weeks...yep, I love my work)
  • A little gardening: My basil is growing so lush! I put ginormous handfuls in my Blender. Add some lemon juice and zest and tiny bit of oil/water and buzz it up. Then I place it in an ice cube tray to freeze, then baggie it up to use for later. It's so delicious added to soups, sauces, salad dressings-or pastas (if you're so inclined). Wherever you like basil, this will work.
  • Exercising: My work is physical, and I do try to walk... close to any body of water.
  • BFC'ing/FT'ing: You see lately I'm not talking too much about that. It's because I'm not thinking too much about it. I'm not totally off the wagon (honestly). 2/3's of the time, I do really well :)
  • Menopause-ing: For those who may be interested...I found an herbal blend with Black Cohosh and a few other things. I'm SO pleased to report my hot flashes have decreased in frequency & intensity...amazingly so.   I'm also searching/using some essential oils (I'll keep you posted on that experiment).
It's summer, and I want to do a happy dance. I just may...the day is young.
 I'm off to watch my grand daughter (she's 3, and most darling) take swimming lessons, pick some roses (mine are off the charts lovely right now), see a client, and welcome my traveling hubby home this evening :)

I send affection and support from one lady who's efforts are for physical and emotional health (that would be me) to each of you.
Take Care

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Here!

Yes, I am.

I've been working, enjoying wonderful company, basking in summer glory, sharing fresh herbs from the garden, and celebrating sugar free snow cones!

I wish you all well. This week is going to be gloriously busy-
So I'll check in when I can.

Take Care-

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Can you picture this?

In my 'mind's eye' I can see this:
It's the perfect weather day: sunny and warm, and just the slightest breeze. 
I'm sitting at a large, round, umbrella covered table... and each of you are there. 
 There is a bouquet of pink & white peonies (a favorite) stationed in the middle.
 I would share with you my Stevia sweetened, mint infused water (fresh mint from my garden. I love to garden, and appreciate my herbs), with crushed ice, of course (another favorite). 
We're talking of family and life, and what we're interested in. 
 I know, I wouldn't notice the pound or two you've gained or lost/gained or lost. Or, If you were at your goal weight or not.  I would be too interested in what you were sharing, and who you really are.
 It makes me smile to imagine that.

Sisters, I've been thinking non-stop (strongly for two years, but for almost 35 years) of the number on the scale (my scale), and the food I should, could, would-or ought to have eaten (mostly, not eaten). 
It's a little crazy making--for me.
In our days of striving to care for ourselves we: shower, lotion up, do our hair/make-up, brush our teeth/floss, shave/wax, move our bodies, get the idea.
I never obsess about some of those self-care, health promoting tasks.
 But I do obsess about my weight and food I do or will eat.
Right now, that just doesn't feel right.
I have no desire to be bigger, or eat out of control.
 I do desire to feel good in my own skin. 
That includes, losing some weight.
What I really want, is to look at myself, the way I'd look at each of you sitting at that table.
I don't have any answers.
I am  questioning myself.
It's time for a mental shift.
I'll keep you posted.
Blessings to each of you, my round table buddies. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Heated up the weekend!

I did heat up the weekend
 ....and not in a good way:
  • Hot flashes (lots of them-too many to count). I'm looking for a more natural way to manage peri-menopause. If anyone has any experience or suggestions, I would appreciate some input here.
  • 'Heated' discussions with my hubby. I was totally hormonal the last (3) days! I haven't felt like that in years. He was probably glad to leave this morning for his business trip.
  • Overactive 'hot' appetite. You don't really want details about that-it wasn't my best (72) hours.
  • My calm demeanor (heat shield) may have nearly been blasted off. I'm looking towards getting myself cooled down.
I'm off to prepare for work, and hopefully enjoy this beautiful day that is brewing around here. I'm looking for the other Jeri-this newer 'hotter' version has got to go. She's wearing out her welcome!
Best Wishes for a good week, for you and me.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday
I hope you enjoyed a good weekend...mine went by so fast.

* I've lost a lb and a few inches this last week.  I don't want to get in the punishing mode of
  I'm not good enough, and I didn't do enough (as I didn't meet my 2 lb goal, whatever!)
I'm celebrating the small stuff-or at least trying to.
* I've been working, gardening, and reading..some of my favorite things to do.
* I made 'cauliflower rice' and used it in a husband loved it, and I pulled out my mandoline and made zuchinni noodles...and created some homemade strawberry syrup (sugar free) for a deliciously icy and frothy drink! Yep, we can have little fruit on FT.
Did you see the front cover of "O" magazine (Oprah's magazine)? It's a picture of her with her arm around her younger self. I only thumbed through it, but there was an article where she and others were speaking to their younger selves. I appreciate that type of reflection.
Can you picture this, yourself...myself. We're standing as we are right now with our arms around our younger self. What would you say to her/him?
As for me, my shortened version of that conversation might sound a little like this:
     I know you're worried about the future, but you're capable. Things will work out, they always do somehow. You know those impressions that come to can trust that.
 Don't worry so much about how clean your house more (learn to play), and wear sunscreen!  

Monday, April 30, 2012


You know the cliche:
 Change: "It's death and taxes"
But it's true.
I've felt a some sadness and confusion about our Rosalie.  It's been oddly unsettling  for me.  I understand where that comes from for me.
I liked Minichick's comment on acting (in)/(out). It fits my emotional eating profile. I learn so much from you all.

I've been asking myself a few questions.
Good questions.
Why am I blogging? 
What need is it filling for me? 
(support & friendship)

So in answer to my internal dialogue, I decided:
* To blog 1x week.
 I could use those few extra hours every week focusing on exercising, preparing healthier meals, etc....
 Good idea, right.
The weather is warming up, and I need to emerge from my cave.

Have a wonderful week all...see you next Monday.