Monday, October 31, 2011

After 28 days FT'ing

The scale was over the place this last week. A few days ago. I was down another .5 lb, for a total of 6.5 lbs for for the 4 weeks (I feel better reporting that).
Today is another story: special time of the month, a little traveling, a few extras, who knows?

I didn't go crazy over the weekend...a little popcorn and '3' count them '3' bites of chocolate gelatto, and I don't mean huge serving spoon bites either :). But I'm up a little. I'd be more concerned if it didn't happen to everyone else from time to time.  I would like to think that this low sugar,
no grain/legume regimen would provide faster results. Not to be discouraged-I'm continuing on.

I hope you all have a great day

Friday, October 28, 2011

34 years...and here's to 34 more

I'm off to celebrate my wedding anniversary with the man I've been married to for 34 years, had 5 children with, and 4 grand babies (two more on the way). We're blessed, and  there's a comfort that comes when you've grown up together, worked/toiled and sacrificed together.  Happy Anniversary to Us!

I plan on FT'ing all weekend-send me good wishes.  We're having dinner tonight at Ruby River, so I can easily have a nice salad and protein of some sort.  I'll have to plan and pack my snacks as we take off for the next day/night.  I can do this! I can celebrate without a huge sugary dessert-right?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend too. May I just add how excited I am that I can finally post on your blogs. I'm using Google Chrome-and that's seems to work. Thanks for your patience and support.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kale w/ sauteed apple

Here's something that tasted pretty good with my leftover chicken from yesterday's recipe link. If you like basil pesto-you'll love that chicken.

Kale w/ Sauteed Apple
Serves 1 hearty helping
Add small amt. of oil in skillet (I used 1 level T of bacon fat...I have southern roots!)
Add 1/4 of small apple/sliced- cook for a minute
Add 2 (or more)  lg handfuls of chopped kale
Cook until softened-I like mine just wilted.
Pour 2 T vinegar over kale (cider would be good, but I used my champagne)
This 'de-glazes' the pan-cook for another minute or so
Add 1-2 pieces of chopped bacon(the nitrate free is good) and serve.

If you like dark greens-you just may like this too.
I hope you're all enjoying a good day-

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Wednesday

 Do you ever lie in bed and try to convince yourself to get up...going through the list of things in your head that you need/should/ought to--do?(if you have small children-that probably seems like a dream!)

I'm doing that right now:
*get ready for your 10:30 am client (she wants a 2 hr. session)
*what's for breakfast?
*check on few friends to see how they're doing
 *make this for dinner
* get up Jeri!

May you each have a blessed day filled with all the things you need/should/out to/do... and would like to do

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good question (s)

Katie posed a good question: If quinoa is a seed why isn't it a FT food? 

My question: The first week on FT I lost .5/day, but the weight loss has slowed w-a-y down.  The scale is all over the place--does anyone else weigh everyday--and is that a good idea? It's not feeling like it is :)

A totally random question: Anyone experiencing hot flashes?  I bet I have 20 plus in a 24 hr. period, and they're waking me up at night.  Crazy things. I'm 54 and know I'm 'changing up.' I've never taken RX hormones...I have concerns about them. But I'm not locked into feeling one way or the other. Any recommendations?

I hope you plug in a little fun today. My fun will come in the form of a darling 2 year old granddaughter...Linny (Berlin). She is fun and NEVER stops talking-and I get to spend the morning with her. here's to a little fun!

Monday, October 24, 2011

After a full 21 days on FT...

...I've lost a total 6 lbs. & 1.5" from my waist. Could I have lost more not eating popcorn, hummus, quinoa, and that (1) Coke Zero? I really thought the quinoa was FT legal, but's not.

But how can I be unhappy with my results...I'm not!

I have a family gathering in early November, and I want a few more lbs gone. My goals are to really watch grains (not even popcorn!), less nuts...more water.  We'll see what the future holds. I'll keep you posted.

I'm going to make some zucchini 'noodles' tonight. Thanks Amber for reminding me how good they are.   We're all wishing Dawn and Rosalie safe travels...we're all missing you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday day 21 on FT

Here's a place to check out for some new recipes. She lost some weight doing South Beach-so she has some good ideas that can be modified, if needed.  I like that she does her own gardening, and has tips, etc. on that.
 The BFC/FT is working for me-but I support any efforts in leading a more balanced life.  So don't feel you can't join in if your not a Jorge Cruise follower.

I 'enjoyed' some popcorn at the movies last night. I didn't go overboard, but those who love popcorn can understand why that salty, crunchy-slightly buttery snack is so alluring.  I don't see my life without popcorn on occassion, so in my life-style...I'm eating popcorn from time to time :)

I started my day with my ricotta/chia pudding. The Precious brand I use is low sugar/carb. It sounds weird, but think of it as mock cheescake in a bowl. I just get tired of eggs sometimes. I'm not a almond/coconut pancake/waffle lover...yet.

Late Lunch-early Dinner:
Taco salad (minus the tortilla chips...after all I did eat the popcorn!)

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful day-I just got home from church...the sun is shining...and I'm going for a walk.

Blessings for you all!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Greetings!

Yesterday I got too hungry...busy working, etc.
By dinner I was grumpy and anxious. Yep-I get grumpy too! We ended up going to dinner, and I had a green salad w/ Brisket-it was delicious.  I asked for extra meat, and they brought it to me covered in
bbq sauce.  Generally, I would have just wiped it off-or ate it, but I asked them to take it back because I couldn't eat it, due to the sugar.  That was a huge break through for me...huge. I have this issue of never wanting to seem demanding--I'm working through that.

So here's my food for yesterday:
Jay Robb chocolate shake w/ spinach (sounds goofy I know, but you can hardly taste the spinach-warning: odd green color)
 hummus/celery/radishes/almond crackers
Pero w/ 1/2 & 1/2
chocolate/reddi whip
Salad/Brisket...ranch dressing...(a few unauthorized bites of non-FT'ing food off my honey's plate)
After dinner treat:
Pero w/ 1/2 & 1/2

You'll not find 'perfection' here with me, but I'm doing well. I feel good, my clothes are fitting better, and my belly is getting flatter.  I'm  feeling more confident, and more in control of my food addictions. I appreciate not feeling 'driven' by a carb cycle (that's what I call it), and I feel satisfied after my meals.
I bet each of you can think of one thing that's going better because you're trying to create a healthier life. I love gratitude, and reflecting on the good is a powerful force in our life.
Thank you for your awareness and support.
Enjoy your Saturday too!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready for the weekend?

You know you're old when the weeks fly by...or that is what I always heard, and now I'm living it.

I feel like I'm settling into FT'ing w/ my small modifications.  I'm not worrying too much about how long it will take me to get off this weight off.  Each day I learn something new from all of you, and the plan is really simple. (another .5 lb gone this morning)

I'm finding I'm not as hungry lately. Some days are just like that.
Here's my food for yesterday:
Ricotta/Chia seed pudding topped w/ reddi whip
Almond Crackers/celery/hummus
Early Dinner (no lunch)
Spinach/Avocado/Artichoke heart Salad
Feta/Turkey...and another serving of almond crackers.
Miso (no sugar) dressing
Pero w/ 1/2 & 1/2
1 T of dark choc chips...
I put the crackers in the cupboard...not a good idea to have them on the counter. But I'm determined that I can have things like that on hand w/o going overboard. So serving!
Happy Week-ending-

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almond Flour Week

I decided that I too can bake, and should be able to control myself (which I did-ate one serving-and stopped!) All this talk of almond flour reminded me that I had some in the freezer.  I made some 'crackers': Parmesan/Herbed Almond Crackers, based on a recipe I found at: I tried to link this, but it wasn't working...

(I tweaked it by adding: herbs d' Provence, 1/4 t garlic powder, fresh parmesan, w/o sesame oil, and coconut oil instead of olive,  as I want to use mine up...parm is salty, so I wouldn't add extra salt, but that's me...and w/o sesame seeds).  I'd make this easy recipe again. 40 crackers/8 servings. You can make this your own too, and it's BFC/FT far as I can tell.
Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 17 FT'ing

Good day to each of you...and thank you for your comments and help. I'm always grateful that you're there. 
Dawn you were right-I have lost all that 'bloat' and now down to where I was before.  Total of 5.5 lbs gone since I began FT, and I'm happy with that.
Thank you  for all the info Amber . I'll have to read about sugar alcohols...
I'm off to the Dr. to have my lipid panel checked again. My numbers were a little high few months back-nothing too crazy, but I'm anxious to see how things have changed since BFC/FT'ing. I'll let you know once I get the results.
Though I've had trouble commenting on blogs...I still am checking in with you all, and wishing you every success with ALL your efforts. If you'd like to hear back from me-just sign up for email, and you'll always hear back from me.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chatting on digestion

I appreciate the honest talk...
but I'm struggling to type the 'number two.'  It's a problem people, and it makes one feel miserable. I'm speaking from personal experience here. I haven't gotten that all balanced out yet. Rosalie and Amber gave us some good advice yesterday on their blogs, and I'm listening.  I eat my veggies (lots of them), probiotics, Benefiber (I'm not giving that up), extra water, exercise/activity, magnesium that is in my calcium supplement. I've made soup (with extra veggies), and used the chicken broth/ I missing something?
As for getting back on the: horse, cart, wagon--I'm on, and hanging on. Here's my food for yesterday.
2 eggs/deli turkey meat, parm, lots of spinach-
Broccoli soup, spinach salad w/ avocado & turkey breast
Treat: choc/reddi whip-mid day
Grilled lemon chicken/artichoke hearts
Hot pero w/almond milk

Monday, October 17, 2011

14 day FT Result...lessons learned drum roll please...I'm up 1.5 lbs from last Wed.

* Could it have been the extra pumpkin coconut muffin (s)?
Lesson learned: I am a baked-goods junkie-I love pumpkin-I love the few SF choc chips I sprinkled on top all warm and melted. They're in the freezer now, so I can eat one at a time...I ate '3' last night!

*Could it have been the handful of homemade garlic/herb croutons I made for the broccoli soup?
Lesson learned: Stay far way from garlic bread-anything! Cleaning out the freezer-doesn't mean I'm the garbage disposal.

*Could it have been the Coke Zero?  (I know, this one surprises even me)
Lesson leaned: I'm not sure what to say about that one. I went to bed with that old 'blown up' feeling. I forgot how 'fat' that felt. 

It's a brand new day, and no permanent is damage done. Last night doesn't erase all the good choices I've made for the last weeks. (notice all the positive self-talk?)
I'm not the girl who can 'bake' right now-even the coconut flour/almond flour recipes trigger 'that something' in me.  I already knew that, and I need to listen to what I know.  That inner voice never leads me wrong!
May you have a good day too-

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sat Fun and new recipe

This filling salad was filling and tasty enough to share. I would make it again. We've been chatting about quinoa lately, so I decided it was worth giving it a try. I have a Costco sized bag to deal with...
 Here's the recipe if you're interested:
Serves 2-(Per myfitness pal)366 Cal/27gr.carbs/11gr. protein/3 sugars/5fibers
BFC: S/3, C/1
In a bowl combine:
1 C cooked quinoa
1 sm. chopped tomato
1/2 C chopped cucumber
1/2 C chopped bellpepper
5 C chopped raw spinach
6 quartered kalmata olives
2 oz feta cheese
For dressing, blend in blender:
2 T olive oil
1 T vinegar (white wine or something you like)
1 heaping T dijon mustard
1/4 C fresh herbs (basil, thyme,oregano-or 1 tsp each of dried)
2 T half/half
Salt/pepper to taste
Dress salad and sprinkle w/ Greek oregano (if you have it)

'Greek Style' Quinoa Salad
(For dinner I added cooked turkey to mine...just to bump the protein/filling factor up-but quinoa is a complete protein)
Hubby & I went on a 10 mi. bike 'stroll' today. We had a great time!

We're active so we can be active another day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Yeah it's Friday

Has this been the fastest week ever?  Day 12 on FT, and the very best part is that I'm not feeling like a slave to the constant hunger and cravings I use to have. That's even more empowering than the few lbs. I've lost. I'm finding it helpful to go back an re-read the book-I can see the info with new eyes I'm learning more.

  I know many of you have strong feelings about FT'ing. I respect that.  Those who started and are going to change back to BFC or whatever works best for them--I send my support. I've had an entire year of 'doing programs' that just didn't work for me--and boy is that discouraging.

 We always have choices, and this is more than a weight loss journey. As we well know there are lots of ways to lose weight. Most of us have gain/lost so many times that we're needing a lifestyle change. For me, I am going to continue doing FT (my modified version) , and I would appreciate your support.

I'm also going to cook some Quinoa this weekend...I have a greek style salad in mind. I'll send a pic and recipe if its edible!

Blessing to you all-

Thursday, October 13, 2011

11th day...and feeling good

QUESTION:  What do you know about Quinoa?  I read it's a high protein seed...not grain.

Consider this a huge shout-out to all the BFC/FT'er...or whatever's out there.  I spent a lot of years at Weight Watchers-and never had the support that I've had the last few months.  I suppose I just didn't know how to ask for help-but you're all so friendly.  It was also so helpful to be invited into your supportive community. So come over over-you're welcomed too.

I did have some oatmeal yesterday---in the form of meatloaf...that's a comfort food for my hubby-and I enjoyed some myself. Why not!  I am down another 1.5lbs from Monday. I'm pretty consistent with  .5lb/day. I'll take it while it lasts.  To those few who may be listening... I'm not anti-grain/legume--I just want/need to see the scale move. I've been stuck for a long time, and it feels good--to feel good. 

I pulled out a Jazzercise DVD yesterday and had a good workout.  I suppose I'm going to have to dust those off, and yes...make peace with cooler weather. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 10

Chocolate Coconut Bread

Today is the first morning I wanted oatmeal.
Instead, I found this picture of one of my 'desserts' from my early BFC days.  Technically, our coconut bread is not a grain, but knowing me I'm staying away from all 'baked goods' for just little while longer. I'm really concerned it will start a 'feeding freenzy'
I try to stay upbeat, but last evening was kinda hard... so I'm sure the grain-hunger is usual drug of choice! 
I'm not anti-grain-I'm just FT'ing it for awhile.

Wouldn't it be fun to go Zumba'ing with Rosy today!
Blessings to you all-

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Notice the snow in the background?
This pic was from last weekend's drive up in the mountains.

I love outdoor living. But I live where it's cold about 8mos out of the year...and  I seriously think I'm allergic to the cold!
 I know that very soon I won't be walking outside. In the past I've considered bundling up, but so far that hasn't worked for me. What are you favorite ways to get exercise/activity into you life?  Do you have DVD's, classes at the gym?
I'm just trying to emotional prepare for the inevitable...WINTER!
Blessing to you all-

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kale the wonder food!

To find out more about this amazing food go to:
Just a little FYI:
1 C chopped has 7 carbs/2 sugars.
354% of Vit. A
89% of Vit C
3 gr. of fiber

Coconut Curry Kale Soup
w/ Chicken
It's soup time here. I love foods with lots of flavor, and this one has it.  I enjoyed this for dinner, and it was very filling. I added 2x the amt. of kale. But like all recipes---just tweak them to your liking. The broth is good-so add what you like. If you don't kale, add another green, but don't cook it as long. Here's the recipe if you're interested--serves about 6 healthy appetites. According to my fitness pal/per serving: 16 carbs/4 sugars/253 Calories. So BFC S/4,C/1.
In a large pot add, and bring to gentle boil:
1 lg container of vegetable or chicken stock (4 cups)
1 13 oz can unsweetened coconut milk
2 T red curry paste (or dry curry powder)
2 T lime zest--save lime for garnish/serving (or dried lemongrass if you have it)
2 pkg. of Stevia
2 T of fresh grated ginger
Add and cook for about 10 minutes
1/2 lb chopped kale (I added 1 lb)
Then add and cook until chicken is done...10 mins or so.
1 thinly sliced red bell pepper (I used the orange one I had)
8 sliced chicken tenders (I just added them raw and quick cooked them in the broth)
Take soup off heat and add:
4 thinly sliced green onions
Serve in individual bowls and garnish:
Fresh chopped cilantro & good squirt of lime juice

Jeri- FT'er reporting for duty!

Fast Tracking-7 full days later...

Here's my stats:

Lost: 4 lbs/1" from waist.  I weigh (can't believe I'm posting this)  177.5-I've lost 15 pounds since mid June. I weighed 178 last Christmas-and haven't seen 177'ish in over 3 yrs. I'm moving in a good direction.  Could I have lost more without the hummus/black beans/extra squirt of redi-whip? Maybe. But my few tweaks will keep me going another week. I'm not feeling deprived-or hungry.

As you know I'm not following the menu plan that closely--at all. But I'm BFC friendly and FT''er friendly...for the greater part.  I've eaten very-very little grain carbs this week. (remember the pirates booty and Cafe Rio tortilla)

What I will be more aware of this week? :
* More vigilant w/ digestion is know what I mean. 
*Make friends w/ indoor exercise again, as needed--it's getting mighty cold out there. I'm such a Cali girl, that I haven't made peace with the cold weather...yet.  I've been in Utah 6 yrs-I'm not sure if it's going to happen?

What are my  long-term plans? :
* Follow FT (my way) until after Christmas...and then decide what's next.
* Do my best each day-if I get off-just get back on.
* Stay away from those addictive sugars--those that make me crazy. A lot of us know which ones those are for us.  Mine often come in the baked form...breads, cookies...powdered donuts. This list is long.

I wish each of you--all the best in your efforts to be smarter with your health. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning- Beginning of Day 7 FT

Day 7 and all is well.

I made it through Sat. with my  FT'ing goals.  Saturday is my day that I want to 'celebrate' getting through the week. Not that my weeks are so difficult, but I think that idea started when I had five children at home (I had 5 children in 10 years-busy household) The weeks were detailed and schedule driven, and by Saturday I wanted a day off.  It really wasn't a day off, but tried to create a different type of day. So, my point in saying all that is--Saturday became a day of celebrating with food too: going out to lunch, popcorn at the movies, a special dessert made for get the idea. And we also made cookies most Sundays after church!  So we celebrated all weekend!

Food is so central in whatever celebrations we enjoy-we have some major ones coming up. There will be some good postings in the next few months.

I still had a great Saturday.  Hubby & I took a beautiful drive to see the Fall leaves and found some snow as well (I have pics I'll share)  We went out to lunch, and I had a modified Cafe Rio grilled chicken salad: no rice or chips-I did eat a big bite of that homemade tortilla-dipped in that creamy cilantro dip--but quickly covered up the remaining tortillas with used napkins, etc. Out of mind...right! That was a little success too!
 I can still celebrate my Saturday's, Thanksgiving, and all those special days that follow.  It just takes a little planning.

I'll meet you all tomorrow, at the same place.  I'll be sharing my weight loss-and any healthy weight loss is a reason to celebrate too! Not with food, but with a happy dance...and maybe a picture!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 5 FT'ing

I don't like my picture taken. Ever. I rarely like the way I look. This was taken about 1 month ago, and I've given up a few lbs. since then. (Those are grilled poblanos and tomatillos cooking on the grill. Just was great salsa.) But I like my happy face here. I was cooking for my family, loving on my grandbabies, and enjoying CA living.  My son lives in paradise.

I'm still FT'ing it.  I'm not losing a lb/day, but that little needle on the scale is moving-Yee Haw! 
Happily, I'm not missing the grain carbs-no cravings. That's a blessing-and considering I'm totally hormonal this week-I'm witnessing a miracle! 

Grammy at the grill
Here's my food for today(remember I'm not the letter of the law FT'er)
My 'ricotta thing' w/ walnuts
2 eggs/parm cheese
Pero w/ cream
Hamburger pattie w/ blue cheese
mashed cauliflower (my honey says he likes it better than mashed potatoes)
After dinner treat:
Choc w/ redi-whip
Herb tea
We're all doing it-whatever way works for us. Thanks for your support-

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mid-Week FT

...scale moved again this morning (not leaps and bounds, but moving nonetheless) I'll be happy to report my weight next Monday. That will have given me a full 7 days FT'ing.

Thanks for all the support with helping me comment on blogs. I took notes, and it's going to be a project for me today...after I clean out a closet (it was started 2 mos. ago!!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day-

...and for any of you who may be interested, here's my menu from yesterday. Yes, you're going to see a little grain, legume and odd lunch. But I still feel successful!
2 eggs w/ Parm cheese
Bok choy/mushrooms
Pero w/ cream
1/4 Ricotta cheese (add little stevia, vanilla, coconut extract)
1 T sf hershey choc chips
1 T chia seeds
3 second squirt of Redi-whip
I mixed it and enjoyed it!
Celery/yellow bell pepper w/ little hummus
Grilled chicken breast
bok choy (It's almost gone!)
Confession: small handful of Pirates Booty
Treat after dinner:
Dark Choc
Pero w/ cream
If you read all that-you deserve a big consider yourself hugged!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FT Tuesday

I'd really like to be able to comment on your blogs (I'm still have some problems)
But if you sign up and comment on mine-I promise I'll email you back! 
 I do read yours. I just wanted you to know that.

THE SCALE IS MOVING-That's a big deal for me. I'll report on that later in the week...
I met all my goals for Monday. As you know I'm not a 'perfect' FT'er...but that's ok with me.
Here' my meals for Tues.:
2 eggs
swiss cheese
bok choy/mushrooms
almonds & 1 piece sf Hershey choc
Lunch: None. I ate my snack after my walk, and just wasn't hungry. I worked in the afternoon, so I was distracted from food!
Chicken/Spinach/Avocado salad
With 2 T hummus
Dark choc
Sobe -0- drink
Sometimes I eat the same thing for a few days...I just do. 
My goals for Tues:
Cook brussel sprouts. I'm not a lover of this veggie, but I'm willing to change my mind.
Mindful eating
Take a walk (I think the Fall leaves smell like fresh apples-it's amazing)

May you each have a joy-filled day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fast Track Monday

Good Day-
It's Monday and often that day seems to be a day of beginnings. Some of you might be starting FT, or whatever you feel will lead you or keep you fit and healthy. Yeah for us in whatever path we're on. 
I began FT yesterday. I really think that being aware...and striving to follow BFC for the last few months made FT'ing a really easy transition-so far!
I do lots better if I 'listen' to what I need.  I'm rarely led too far off IF if do that.
Here's  my eating for yesterday, not too different from Jorge's recommendation.

2 eggs
2 sausage patties ( that's what I had on hand)
1 T parm cheese
Lg hand full of spinach
Commentary on veggies for bfst...I'm just going to do it. I like the fullness of it, and I feel better eating more greens. I'll generally add veggies at every breakfast

Chicken breast wrapped in Boston lettuce w/avocado

Spinach salad w/ little tomato-Chicken breast and 2 T hummus
Commentary on hummus: I love it!  It was the 'dressing' for my salad. I'm going to keep eating it on FT, too.

dark chocolate

I drank lots of water
Pero w/ cream- Pero is a cereal beverage-I'm not a coffee drinker, but this is good substitute for me. A little cream and vanilla, and it tastes like a treat.
A nice walk in the evening with my man.

Goals for today:
Buy some probiotics
cook up bok choy & mushrooms to have on hand
Enjoyable movement...walk, a nice long walk.
Healthful/mindful eating

I send caring greetings your way as well, and I hope you have a really good day!