Monday, October 10, 2011

Jeri- FT'er reporting for duty!

Fast Tracking-7 full days later...

Here's my stats:

Lost: 4 lbs/1" from waist.  I weigh (can't believe I'm posting this)  177.5-I've lost 15 pounds since mid June. I weighed 178 last Christmas-and haven't seen 177'ish in over 3 yrs. I'm moving in a good direction.  Could I have lost more without the hummus/black beans/extra squirt of redi-whip? Maybe. But my few tweaks will keep me going another week. I'm not feeling deprived-or hungry.

As you know I'm not following the menu plan that closely--at all. But I'm BFC friendly and FT''er friendly...for the greater part.  I've eaten very-very little grain carbs this week. (remember the pirates booty and Cafe Rio tortilla)

What I will be more aware of this week? :
* More vigilant w/ digestion is know what I mean. 
*Make friends w/ indoor exercise again, as needed--it's getting mighty cold out there. I'm such a Cali girl, that I haven't made peace with the cold weather...yet.  I've been in Utah 6 yrs-I'm not sure if it's going to happen?

What are my  long-term plans? :
* Follow FT (my way) until after Christmas...and then decide what's next.
* Do my best each day-if I get off-just get back on.
* Stay away from those addictive sugars--those that make me crazy. A lot of us know which ones those are for us.  Mine often come in the baked form...breads, cookies...powdered donuts. This list is long.

I wish each of you--all the best in your efforts to be smarter with your health. 


  1. Jeri you are doing great!! 4 lbs is awesome. Eat a carb now and then - it will keep you from cheating.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Hooray Jeri! Great job!!! I love it! Glad to hear you've found your sweet spot. Love your goals list, too!

  3. Jeri that is so awesome!! Doesn't that just feel great?! I think your long term plans sound really good.

  4. Jeri, great job on the weight loss. I am trying to break from Jorge menu plans for the FT and do mine own, I feel his is just a little to restrictive. Keep up the great job and I love your goals too.