Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kale w/ sauteed apple

Here's something that tasted pretty good with my leftover chicken from yesterday's recipe link. If you like basil pesto-you'll love that chicken.

Kale w/ Sauteed Apple
Serves 1 hearty helping
Add small amt. of oil in skillet (I used 1 level T of bacon fat...I have southern roots!)
Add 1/4 of small apple/sliced- cook for a minute
Add 2 (or more)  lg handfuls of chopped kale
Cook until softened-I like mine just wilted.
Pour 2 T vinegar over kale (cider would be good, but I used my champagne)
This 'de-glazes' the pan-cook for another minute or so
Add 1-2 pieces of chopped bacon(the nitrate free is good) and serve.

If you like dark greens-you just may like this too.
I hope you're all enjoying a good day-


  1. Sounds interesting.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. I love kale and bacon apple sounds good too!

  3. I love using my bacon fat to cook things. I've never eaten kale though, maybe it's time!