Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning- Beginning of Day 7 FT

Day 7 and all is well.

I made it through Sat. with my  FT'ing goals.  Saturday is my day that I want to 'celebrate' getting through the week. Not that my weeks are so difficult, but I think that idea started when I had five children at home (I had 5 children in 10 years-busy household) The weeks were detailed and schedule driven, and by Saturday I wanted a day off.  It really wasn't a day off, but tried to create a different type of day. So, my point in saying all that is--Saturday became a day of celebrating with food too: going out to lunch, popcorn at the movies, a special dessert made for get the idea. And we also made cookies most Sundays after church!  So we celebrated all weekend!

Food is so central in whatever celebrations we enjoy-we have some major ones coming up. There will be some good postings in the next few months.

I still had a great Saturday.  Hubby & I took a beautiful drive to see the Fall leaves and found some snow as well (I have pics I'll share)  We went out to lunch, and I had a modified Cafe Rio grilled chicken salad: no rice or chips-I did eat a big bite of that homemade tortilla-dipped in that creamy cilantro dip--but quickly covered up the remaining tortillas with used napkins, etc. Out of mind...right! That was a little success too!
 I can still celebrate my Saturday's, Thanksgiving, and all those special days that follow.  It just takes a little planning.

I'll meet you all tomorrow, at the same place.  I'll be sharing my weight loss-and any healthy weight loss is a reason to celebrate too! Not with food, but with a happy dance...and maybe a picture!


  1. HI Jeri, It sounds like you all had a great day. You know corn tortillas ore fine on the BFC. Just not the flour ones. I can't wait to see the pictures. Have a great day :-)

  2. Hey Jeri, I know what you mean about certain days calls for a celebration and it usually involved food. Ours was always Friday night ice cream night. Funny how things like that follow you into adulthood. It takes training the mind to make better choices. You are doing great on the FT. I had a little slip this morning and had a whole wheat english muffin. The rest of the day I plan all FT. I am gonna make the coconut bread to see if that helps me through the rest of the week doing FT. My tummy still has not adjusted to eating this way and it has been a week.

  3. Great job on FT all week! Weekends have been rougher for me too. They still are rougher, but it has gotten easier since I stopped eating so much sugar. Good luck with next week!

  4. I think every social thing in my life has centered around food! It still does actually but just different food! I can't wait to hear about your healthy weight loss!!