Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chatting on digestion

I appreciate the honest talk...
but I'm struggling to type the 'number two.'  It's a problem people, and it makes one feel miserable. I'm speaking from personal experience here. I haven't gotten that all balanced out yet. Rosalie and Amber gave us some good advice yesterday on their blogs, and I'm listening.  I eat my veggies (lots of them), probiotics, Benefiber (I'm not giving that up), extra water, exercise/activity, magnesium that is in my calcium supplement. I've made soup (with extra veggies), and used the chicken broth/stock...am I missing something?
As for getting back on the: horse, cart, wagon--I'm on, and hanging on. Here's my food for yesterday.
2 eggs/deli turkey meat, parm, lots of spinach-
Broccoli soup, spinach salad w/ avocado & turkey breast
Treat: choc/reddi whip-mid day
Grilled lemon chicken/artichoke hearts
Hot pero w/almond milk


  1. HI Jeri, I think its because you are doing the FT. Eat some coconut flour stuff a couple times a day for extra fiber. That might help :-)

  2. I make sure I am getting the minimum 25 grams per fiber per day. Do you keep track of that? For me, that's the only way I can stay regular. I agree w/Rosalie, too - eat some coconut flour or flax seed or chia.

  3. Hi Jeri, just found your blog and am adding to my Google Reader. On FT you should really avoid the sugar alcohols that are those SF chocolate chips and diet sodas (yes, even Zevia). A few semi-sweet chocolate chips per muffin is a better choice. And Id just have 1-2 per day. I swear a little cheat on FT and it can ruin your loss for the whole week. But your food log today looks perfect. Keep on trcukin'!

  4. Jeri - just reading an old post. No Quinoa either on FT.

  5. I put two tsp. of clear Benefiber in my HOT coffee in the morning. And I have two of those. You could use tea also. I think it's the combination of Benefiber and hot liquid that helps!