Monday, October 24, 2011

After a full 21 days on FT...

...I've lost a total 6 lbs. & 1.5" from my waist. Could I have lost more not eating popcorn, hummus, quinoa, and that (1) Coke Zero? I really thought the quinoa was FT legal, but's not.

But how can I be unhappy with my results...I'm not!

I have a family gathering in early November, and I want a few more lbs gone. My goals are to really watch grains (not even popcorn!), less nuts...more water.  We'll see what the future holds. I'll keep you posted.

I'm going to make some zucchini 'noodles' tonight. Thanks Amber for reminding me how good they are.   We're all wishing Dawn and Rosalie safe travels...we're all missing you.


  1. I think 6 lbs is great! I'm sure you can lose more for your family gathering. You're doing great on FT.
    PS: We had the zucchini noodles for dinner tonight with meatballs and sugar free spaghetti sauce. To me it tasted JUST like the real deal!

  2. That is a great loss Jeri. Congrats. I have the zucchini noodles on my to do list also! They sound great. Continued success!

  3. Nice work!!! Keep it up, and I know you'll be going into November with a big smile on your face! Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Jeri, congrats on the weight loss. I have not tried zucchini noodles yet. It so nice to be able to get recipe ideas on the blogs.

  5. No quinoa on Ft? I thought it was a seed not a grain and that made it ok. Will you please share why its not.

  6. You have done so good. I can't go w/o the popcorn though. haha :-)