Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday day 21 on FT

Here's a place to check out for some new recipes. She lost some weight doing South Beach-so she has some good ideas that can be modified, if needed.  I like that she does her own gardening, and has tips, etc. on that.
 The BFC/FT is working for me-but I support any efforts in leading a more balanced life.  So don't feel you can't join in if your not a Jorge Cruise follower.

I 'enjoyed' some popcorn at the movies last night. I didn't go overboard, but those who love popcorn can understand why that salty, crunchy-slightly buttery snack is so alluring.  I don't see my life without popcorn on occassion, so in my life-style...I'm eating popcorn from time to time :)

I started my day with my ricotta/chia pudding. The Precious brand I use is low sugar/carb. It sounds weird, but think of it as mock cheescake in a bowl. I just get tired of eggs sometimes. I'm not a almond/coconut pancake/waffle lover...yet.

Late Lunch-early Dinner:
Taco salad (minus the tortilla chips...after all I did eat the popcorn!)

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful day-I just got home from church...the sun is shining...and I'm going for a walk.

Blessings for you all!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Jeri! How do you make your ricotta chia pudding. I did try one of the chia pudding recipes from the blogs. It was ok. I might need to give it another try. Have a great week.

  2. We took the kids to the movies this wkend and it was hard sitting between them! They shared a big bucket and it smelled good! Ill look forward to popcorn again in the future! As cheats go, that isnt too bad :)