Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good question (s)

Katie posed a good question: If quinoa is a seed why isn't it a FT food? 

My question: The first week on FT I lost .5/day, but the weight loss has slowed w-a-y down.  The scale is all over the place--does anyone else weigh everyday--and is that a good idea? It's not feeling like it is :)

A totally random question: Anyone experiencing hot flashes?  I bet I have 20 plus in a 24 hr. period, and they're waking me up at night.  Crazy things. I'm 54 and know I'm 'changing up.' I've never taken RX hormones...I have concerns about them. But I'm not locked into feeling one way or the other. Any recommendations?

I hope you plug in a little fun today. My fun will come in the form of a darling 2 year old granddaughter...Linny (Berlin). She is fun and NEVER stops talking-and I get to spend the morning with her.
...so here's to a little fun!


  1. Hello Jeri, I'm just wondering if the hot flashes are new for you or have they gotten worse since changing your diet? I'm 54 and have been having hot flashes for 7 years now. Eating the BFC way seems to help lessen mine. Just curious.

    Linda in Western NC :-)

  2. I do not know why Quinoa isn't a FT food. I also thought hot flashes were supposed to get better with this diet. I'm sorry I'm no help today. We're taking the day off of school today, so that will be plugging in a little fun! ;)

  3. I weigh myself everyday but I only count Wednesday's weigh in. I don't think the scale tells the whole story anyway! I'm 50 years old and went thru menopause 2 years ago (we're early in my family) I still get some hot flashes but with me it's more than a flash, I just get fairly warm for awhile, especially at night. My husband will be bundled up and I'll have just a sheet on. I don't take anything for it because I don't find it too bad. I've heard a lot of women take the herb Black Cohosh to relieve symptoms and I think you can buy that anywhere.

  4. I looked up quinoa before and it said it was like a grain, but not. What do I know??
    YOu know I am almost 53 and I think its just our age. Sorry :-)