Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Wednesday

 Do you ever lie in bed and try to convince yourself to get up...going through the list of things in your head that you need/should/ought to--do?(if you have small children-that probably seems like a dream!)

I'm doing that right now:
*get ready for your 10:30 am client (she wants a 2 hr. session)
*what's for breakfast?
*check on few friends to see how they're doing
 *make this for dinner
* get up Jeri!

May you each have a blessed day filled with all the things you need/should/out to/do... and would like to do


  1. wow that stuff goes thru my head at night sometimes too. Get up Jeri :-)
    Have a nice day!

  2. It goes through my head but sometimes I dont follow through lol. But we have to get up and get with it.

  3. Jeri, that recipe looks great. I actually have the ingredients on hand, so maybe I'll make that. I love to have a plan ready for dinner, then we don't eat out as much. Hope the day goes well!!

  4. wow that chicken looks good! I am putting it on my list. Hope you had a great day!

  5. Just getting caught up on the blogs, quinoa is not allowed on the FT, or any of the Paleo plans. It is something about the casing of the seed that effects your digestive system and prevents weight loss. Also, it is pretty high in carbs. It is probably good for maintenance, but not in the losing phases. But if it is working for you (?) then who cares what is officially allowed or not.

  6. I totally can relate to lying in bed thinking of what needs to be done. Have a great Friday. :)