Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 5 FT'ing

I don't like my picture taken. Ever. I rarely like the way I look. This was taken about 1 month ago, and I've given up a few lbs. since then. (Those are grilled poblanos and tomatillos cooking on the grill. Just was great salsa.) But I like my happy face here. I was cooking for my family, loving on my grandbabies, and enjoying CA living.  My son lives in paradise.

I'm still FT'ing it.  I'm not losing a lb/day, but that little needle on the scale is moving-Yee Haw! 
Happily, I'm not missing the grain carbs-no cravings. That's a blessing-and considering I'm totally hormonal this week-I'm witnessing a miracle! 

Grammy at the grill
Here's my food for today(remember I'm not the letter of the law FT'er)
My 'ricotta thing' w/ walnuts
2 eggs/parm cheese
Pero w/ cream
Hamburger pattie w/ blue cheese
mashed cauliflower (my honey says he likes it better than mashed potatoes)
After dinner treat:
Choc w/ redi-whip
Herb tea
We're all doing it-whatever way works for us. Thanks for your support-


  1. All your food sounds great Jeri. Love the picture. Please don't expect to lose a lb a day. If it happens that would be great. But don't be disappointed if it's less. The trick it to not quit. Have a great day :-)

  2. Jeri, what is your ricotta and walnut thing? Sounds yummy and I am looking for some new ideas. That is some BBQ and you look great standing next to it. I just bought and grain/wheat free recipe book. I might stick with this if my skin keeps on improving.

  3. Whoo Hooo, you are doing awesome. I also love mashed cauli, although I am positive my hubby would never say he preferred it (he is a potato loving boy from Idaho lol)

    I also love your pic you look very happy :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean about not liking yourself in pictures. I also rarely like how I look in them. However, I usually like everyone else's picture and I think yours looks great! I'm not missing the grains/carbs too much either right now. I did miss the convenience of the Uncle Sams cereal in the morning at first, but now I'm getting used to cooking myself something, or eating some kind of protein/fats leftover from the last nights dinner. ANY move on the scale is welcome to me!!

  5. I think you look great! Wish I could get anyone else in my family to try the mashed cauliflower - they all say they don't like cauliflower. Any ounce gone is one that's never coming back! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Jeri! Great job on the weight loss! You look fantastic!!! Keep on keepin on girl! IT has no other place to go but off of your body!