Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deja vous

I am home again...for 12 days or so. I think since November I've 'been home again' (5) times, and I'll be leaving  around March 12th and again early April!
I'm not complaining, just sharing. It's been wonderful to prepare for and celebrate new babies. Mixed in there has been the passing of two loved ones, and the terribly sad, tragic break up of a marriage/family (not mine, one of my children's). It's okay if my brain is stretched, right?
Ladies, with all this coming & going;  I'm having a hard time getting focused in my weight loss efforts. I am so happy for many of you, as I got a little caught up this morning on your're doing so well, I'm proud of you!
 I'm slacking-that's the truth of it. I'm not giving up, just sharing.
...another example of deja vous.
Take Care

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grand baby on the way!

Grand daughter Georgia is on her way, making her grand baby #6. I'm one happy Grammy.
I'm leaving for CA in the I'll check in with you all when I can. I'll probably be gone until Tues./Wed.
If was fun to get to know some of you a little more-thanks for sharing (see last post, if you want to know what that is about)
Take Care-

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting to know you...

Are you ready?

How would you feel about sharing something that our little blogging group wouldn't know about you...nothing crazy, unless you want to...I'll go first:

You know I have five (5) children, but did you know I had  three (3) of them at home? Yep, I was a hippie (not really, but my kids say I'm was) in my former life. It was my way of having some sort of control over my body and the birthing process. My oldest is 33 y/o, and in the 'olden days' you were pretty much locked into bed, no good pain control meds, and it was VERY uncomfortable. So I opted to give birth at home. I had a midwife who was also a family friend. I walked, soaked in a tub and did as I  felt during my labors. I was fortunate all went well. I had really good experiences. It's not for everyone, and I don't recommend was just my choice. your turn:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, and I'm home (again)

When I start questioning myself on why I'm so distracted in my weight loss efforts-my thoughts often go the fact that I've been gone so much lately, and that's not going to end soon. I did ok (notice the small caps) while I was gone. Some meals I made good choices, some, not so much. I think I'll  wait until tomorrow morning to get on the scale. The morning after traveling isn't generally too uplifting :)
The baby blessing was lovely, the funeral was tender, and being with family was a mix of all the good, and all the sad worries of the last few months. Family life is like that sometimes-and this IS my new normal.
But I'm home for a few days? week? I'll let you know when I take off...again.
It was great to catch up on some of your blogs, and to see how well you're all doing. It's helps me to want to keep going too.
Enjoy your day

Thursday, February 16, 2012

See you next Tuesday...

My husband and I are on our way to CA in the morning. We'll be celebrating life for two little ones.
 Sunday is Benson's blessing day. Benny is our new baby who was born during the Christmas holiday. He's blue eyed and smiley, and we're in love.
Saturday, we'll  be attending the funeral service  for Lexi. She's our sweet little cousin who battled cancer for most  of her 3years on earth. She's still teaching us.
We'll get to be with (4) out of our (5) children, and other family members. It will be a wonderful long weekend.
Yesterday I exercised, ate pretty well, and felt my energy increase.
I adjusted  the 1 min. flax seed muffin recipe:
added some cocoa powder and a little almond milk
 put a piece of the dark chocolate in the middle before microwaving
---dessert: chocolate molten style-you might like it with some whipped cream, I did :)
Take care you all

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is today...oh yeah, it's Wednesday!

...that's what I said to myself this morning. Do you ever do that? Trying to remember what day it is, or where your suppose to be?  I do that more often when my heart is on brain can only manage so many things at once!!!!
Example: On Sunday I was at my church meeting two (2) hours early (yes, you read that right), obviously I was confused. It starts @ 1pm...I was there at 11am.
I was so moved today reading Kay & Pattie's blog posts. We came together to talk about low sugar eating and changing our lives...and in the midst of this...we're having a life-with all it's goodness and challenges. I'm amazed at how Rosalie doesn't stress eat---ever , and it isn't because she doesn't have stress or worries...she does.
 I'm not quite there yet.
I'm doing better...way better in the eating department. No perfection, but way better. In the next 4 weeks I'll be making 3 trips to I think maintaining my weight is a lofty, but attainable goal.
So I'm IS Wednesday.
Take care all!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Day...New Week

...reporting for FT duty!
I did OK yesterday-I know to eat more green veggies, but I am getting refocused.
eggs w/ flax & coconut flour pancake
Snack: nuts
Lunch: Cauliflower pizza
...then I grazed the rest of the day: a little turkey w/ cheese, bites of egg salad, chia pudding w/ whip cream...does the 5 tortilla chips count :)?
As to be expected (at least by me), I wanted to eat more often. That's what happens when I eat wheat-my appetite increases, and I have a hard time getting full, and I feel 'fat'  and bloated around the middle.
I figured yesterday would be sort of a 'detox day'.  More mental detoxing today. I'm going to make the kale/sausage soup suggested by Beth-and exercise a little...I have clients in a few hours, so I better get moving.
I hope you all have a good day-

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Truth, Honesty, and all that jazz...

Within a matter of three weeks, my sweet Aunt, has had her Mother (my grandmother) and her little 3 y/o grand daughter pass away. This little girl had been fighting leukemia for over half of her life.
 There are many people who fight hard battles everyday, as we all well know--and have experienced for ourselves. I suppose I am comparing my battles with hers...I don't know if that is helpful?
So I feel conflicted in my need to share my own little issues, but I must if I'm to break the bad habits of the last (7) days.
I've been on a diet disaster (maybe disaster is a strong word, but you get the idea) all week, and  I've been losing/gaining the same 3 lbs for many weeks. I'm feeling pretty frustrated with myself (honesty). My family situation continues to weigh on my mind, and I feel sad a lot (more honesty). Everyday I get up, get dressed, work, offer help when I can, but the sadness is always there.  I think this is my new I eat more than I need or things that aren't so good for me. (more truth).
Last night I just wanted to eat a pie (how's that for truth) Not a piece of pie, but the whole thing...I didn't. I did however eat a piece of Costco pizza for lunch. Blah, blah, blah...and all that jazz.
So my plan is to get back to basics and track my food, and exercise...I can do this, right!  These are just a few of the things I learn from you my blogging community. Thank you, and it helps to know you're there:
Dawn Get back to basics-and be honest (her truthfulness has given me permission to do the same)
Rosalie: Post/track our meals (She does this everyday-talk about accountability)
Amber: Check labels, and be more aware of my food (check out her food video posted on her blog)
Katie: Try new foods-and kindness matters (I just want to adopt her)
Pattie: Be loving and faithful (It's who she is)
Beth: Modify when needed (She' losing in the midst of a stressful time)
Sherri: Celebrate (I think it's a way of life for her)
Kay: Maintaining (She reminds me Zumba is fun, and I can get to goal weight too)
Diana: We're not locked into BFC or FT...just create a food plan/lifestyle you can live with (She is trying different plans to find the one that will fit her life...good for you Diana)
minichick: Educate ourselves, and be aware of how food effects your body (She is always studying/learning)
Susan: Keep going...don't give up (I want to love Yoga like she does)
Cat: Keep learning and growing (A busy Mom who's going to school, and who's open to new ideas)
PLEASE forgive me if I've missed anyone. I know there are new bloggers, so if you'd like me to follow you- just leave a comment. I know what it's like to be the new kid on the block.
Bless us all!

Monday, February 6, 2012

MONDAY, monday, Monday, MonDay

I choose to think of myself as simple...and not simply boring :)

  1. I am going to clean my house and take care of my clients.
  2.  I'm almost finished with the book I told you about: I Don't Have To Make Everything All Better  . I totally recommend it.
  3. Maybe I'll unwrap the new Yoga dvd I bought...and maybe I'll do it too? 

That's all I've got...that's my day.
Take Care-

Friday, February 3, 2012


Does anyone else get excited that it's Friday?  There is a promise of doing something a little fun-something different from everyday. I don't know what that is quite yet, but the promise is still there.
I had a meaningful visit with my counselor yesterday. For me, it was a tune-up for some of my thinking, especially the type that causes depression in myself.  Sadness doesn't always equate to depression...I hadn't put that together. Sadness is  appropriate when 'sad' experiences come. Depression (I'm speaking of myself, now) comes when I do the I 'should have' 'could have' 'ought to have' get the idea. So I learned a few things about myself, felt cared about, and left knowing if I need to come back, I'll do I said before it had been awhile. I think of my therapist like my chiropractor, when I need an adjustment...I make an appointment.
So now you know that about me :)
Enjoy your weekend...and I hope there is a little fun in there for us all!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Pattie is's good to be busier--it helps us think about something besides food.  There is such a balance between mindful eating and obsessing about eating. The laying off of sugar & wheat helps me with both those things.
My work has been slow this week, but perhaps that's been a good thing to help me get my bearings.
I'm off to my counseling appt. in a few hrs.,  and have I a client this evening. I've been keeping my hands busy with trying to finish an afghan I'm crocheting for my daughter's b-day. Not all that exciting, but after the last few months...I'm ready for that.
On to food:
I've made the flax pancakes a few times this week. I don't think you need to add any oil to the 'batter' and I've been using almond milk instead of water. It's a good way to use it up, as I'm not an almond milk drinker, but I do like having it on hand. I rarely bake (safer for me that way), so this very quick 'bread-like' food is perfect for me. I like them way better than the coconut flour ones.
I'm off to enjoy my simple, non-exciting day. Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Didn't know what to title this...

 I'm feeling a little better this morning. What a relief.  It's beneficial for me to know that there can be a shift in thinking/feeling (inner life) without circumstances (outer life) changing.
 I often say to myself that 'I choose peace' what that generally means is:  I can't change this situation, and I need some relief from the burden of it. (can you tell I have a lot of inner dialogue?).
 In my own way, that declaration is a prayer for help.
This morning I just remembered (funny how that happens) I had  this book that I bought a few months ago, at the suggestion of a friend.
 I Don't Have To Make Everything All Better.  Written by Gary & Joy Lundberg. (just a few $$ from Amazon)
 What a gift it's been to read something that speaks some truth to me and is giving me the very thing I need today:  A little relief.
Oh, and I dropped 1/2 of the weight I gained...FT works, BFC works, WW many things will help us get those extra lbs off. We just need to create a life/eating plan that we can live with. Isn't that what we're all doing in our own way?
I have such affection for you, and our little blogging community. Don't give up...we're doing it.