Monday, February 6, 2012

MONDAY, monday, Monday, MonDay

I choose to think of myself as simple...and not simply boring :)

  1. I am going to clean my house and take care of my clients.
  2.  I'm almost finished with the book I told you about: I Don't Have To Make Everything All Better  . I totally recommend it.
  3. Maybe I'll unwrap the new Yoga dvd I bought...and maybe I'll do it too? 

That's all I've got...that's my day.
Take Care-


  1. Jeri, Just do it:) I have so many exercise DVD's that I should do, including the whole Zumba series. I really have no excuses.
    I hope Monday is a good day and the rest of the week is a GREAT week!

  2. Jeri--that's great that you bought a yoga DVD! Which one did you get? I started with Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners in 1999. Then I started going to a class at the Y with a friend of mine. I've been hooked ever since. We have yoga instructors teach classes here at my office and I have been taking classes with them for over 5 years now. I went to Costa Rica in 2009 on a yoga retreat and would like to do that again. Love my yoga!!

  3. Have a great day Jeri. I have yoga on my Wii I think?? LOL

  4. Sounds great! Enjoy your day.

  5. Jeri Id love to hear more about your book. I suffer from that! Message me of FB when you have time!

  6. Jeri, I will have to check that book out. I have been reading to sweat the small stuff and boy I need to read every word. I have the Bob Harper's yoga dvd that I like. Take care!

  7. Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog! Hopefully things will start looking up for all of us - the sun will come out tomorrow and all that jazz! Let me know what you think of the yoga dvd. I keep thinking that might be fun to try, but I also like the step exercises on the Wii.