Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FT Tuesday

I'd really like to be able to comment on your blogs (I'm still have some problems)
But if you sign up and comment on mine-I promise I'll email you back! 
 I do read yours. I just wanted you to know that.

THE SCALE IS MOVING-That's a big deal for me. I'll report on that later in the week...
I met all my goals for Monday. As you know I'm not a 'perfect' FT'er...but that's ok with me.
Here' my meals for Tues.:
2 eggs
swiss cheese
bok choy/mushrooms
almonds & 1 piece sf Hershey choc
Lunch: None. I ate my snack after my walk, and just wasn't hungry. I worked in the afternoon, so I was distracted from food!
Chicken/Spinach/Avocado salad
With 2 T hummus
Dark choc
Sobe -0- drink
Sometimes I eat the same thing for a few days...I just do. 
My goals for Tues:
Cook brussel sprouts. I'm not a lover of this veggie, but I'm willing to change my mind.
Mindful eating
Take a walk (I think the Fall leaves smell like fresh apples-it's amazing)

May you each have a joy-filled day!


  1. i like eating the same thing over and over again - it takes away from the deciding and counting and stuff. I am not perfect on FT either, mostly making sure not to eat grains as my pri 1, and then still following 15/6 for the most part. I am loathe to stop, because I like to keep track of what I'm eating, it helps me feel in control. Have a wonderful walk!!

  2. Some people have problems posting but not me. Try clearing out your browsers cache and see if that helps. All your food looks great.

  3. I think when you automate your eating, it is easier to stay on track. Sometimes I think the fact that I try to give myself so much variety makes my crave food more. Who knows, but whatever works, keep doing it! Sorry you are having trouble posting. Have you clicked on the follow button on the blogs? If you do that you can then log onto blogger.com and go to dashboard and the blogs you follow will come up. Sign onto google first, but don't check the 'keep my signed on box'. I was having that problem for awhile, but those things helped. When I wasn't following the blogs, I had a hard time commenting.

  4. It's funny that you mentioned brussel sprouts because I just made them for the very first time last night for dinner! I was forced to eat one as a child and it made me feel sick so I've never had one again. I saw a recipe the other day for them and read how high in fiber they are and thought to myself that it was pretty ridiculous of me to have never eaten a brussel sprout since I was like eight. I seared them in a pan with olive oil and a little Parmesan. They were actually pretty good!

  5. I have also had problems commenting on others blogs. Before signing into blogger make sure the keep you signed in box is not checked...then press ctrl f5 before signing in. Have a wondeful day I'm so glad to hear that the scale is moving :)

  6. I eat a lot of the same foods over and over again too. It just makes things easier and I dont have to think so hard. I congradulate you on eating your brussel sprouts that is one veggie I just cant eat.