Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday
I hope you enjoyed a good weekend...mine went by so fast.

* I've lost a lb and a few inches this last week.  I don't want to get in the punishing mode of
  I'm not good enough, and I didn't do enough (as I didn't meet my 2 lb goal, whatever!)
I'm celebrating the small stuff-or at least trying to.
* I've been working, gardening, and reading..some of my favorite things to do.
* I made 'cauliflower rice' and used it in a husband loved it, and I pulled out my mandoline and made zuchinni noodles...and created some homemade strawberry syrup (sugar free) for a deliciously icy and frothy drink! Yep, we can have little fruit on FT.
Did you see the front cover of "O" magazine (Oprah's magazine)? It's a picture of her with her arm around her younger self. I only thumbed through it, but there was an article where she and others were speaking to their younger selves. I appreciate that type of reflection.
Can you picture this, yourself...myself. We're standing as we are right now with our arms around our younger self. What would you say to her/him?
As for me, my shortened version of that conversation might sound a little like this:
     I know you're worried about the future, but you're capable. Things will work out, they always do somehow. You know those impressions that come to can trust that.
 Don't worry so much about how clean your house more (learn to play), and wear sunscreen!  


  1. Honestly, I think one pound is great! Most people lose .5 to 1 lb. a week. Those 2 lbs. or greater weeks are always out of this world kind of moments when it comes to weight loss.

  2. I think that is a great weight loss, it is better than a gain.
    Oh the things the me today would say to the younger me. I can't say that I would change anything, because I have my children...but I know the one thing I would have told myself that would have made a BIG difference, was to get a college degree. That's just me, it's not for everybody. None of my kids listened to me either:(
    Enjoy your accomplishments...and I wish you "joy"!!!

  3. Hey a lb is a lb and you are doing great. Have a good day :-)

  4. Happy Monday to you!!! A lb and inches is awesome :)

  5. Hi Jeri, thanks for the encouragement on my blog! I would be very happy with a 1 lb loss at this point - a loss is a loss! What would I say to my younger self? Run! lol! No I'm just kidding, I might have said, "do more for yourself instead of for everyone else so that you have a life outside of your kids and husband too". But my younger self probably wouldn't listen because she likes to be in control of everything!

  6. Hi Jeri. I loved the post today. Congrats on the 1 lb loss. I would tell my younger self to stop and smell the roses more often. Life passes quickly and you never know when things will change. Sending hugs and love to you from me!