Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm still here-

December 1972 - Our first date (I was 15)
It's been a full few days finishing the 'home-made' Christmas gifts and new baby giftings.  I have  a few things left to complete-but I'm feeling  good to of gotten so much done. It's not done much for my exercise---too bad mental work isn't weight training or any other form of physical exercise...I'd be one fit girl :)
We did just complete the 'Story of Us' a book of pics of my hubby and me. I had to share this...this is crazy.
November 2011


  1. That is the coolest pictures ever!!! What a blessing to have such a long time love! You haven't changed a bit:) 1972....That's almost 40 years!!! Wow!
    We must be about the same age, I graduated in 75:)

  2. Love the pictures. You both look so cute :-)

  3. Wow! Love those smiles! Have a great day!

  4. Wow! I second Kay's remark, you both are so blessed to have such a long time love! Love the pictures.

  5. Great pics Jeri! You are both aging beautifully and congrats on a lasting love.ITs hard to come by these days.... :)

  6. Love the photos Jeri! Just catching up on all the blogs now!