Friday, December 2, 2011

When turbulence hits...slow down.

As you all know I'm in full swing here finishing projects--so I can go to CA at a moments notice. I haven't felt anxious like this in a long time.
It will all be worth it, so I'm not complaining about that. But perhaps explaining to myself why I'm running as fast as I can.  So there will be no tweeking my diet to lose faster, or even more inner life feels a little turbulent, so I'm going to slow down some. And perhaps that means my weight loss will reflect that...we'll see.
I'm still Fast Tracking- so easy to not think about some foods (except when I wanted to pounce on that pie the other night at the grocery store...but did not). So I will keep moving in the direction I'm going...a little slower perhaps, but forward nonetheless.
I'm really proud of all of you, and so proud to know you.  I tell my husband I'm blogging with such a fine group of women. I see you working through your 'issues' too: maintenance, feeling stalled in your weigh loss, finding purpose in your life, family conflicts/worries, the holidays, body issues...but you're doing it. We all are.
Blessing to each of you.


  1. You are so sweet to say such nice things Jeri. I'm so glad to know you too my blogger friend. Slowing down has always been an issue I try to work on. I have that hyper, talk too fast, multi task, forget to breathe personality. Living in the moment is always a challenge for me. I must get back to yoga class, because that helps me breathe and focus. I wish you some peace and calmness too,and I'm sending you hugs!

  2. You are doing really great Jeri, Just remember to breathe in-between stuff. Have a great day :-)

  3. I totally understand teh hurry hurry thing that you have going on in your life. Hang in there & as everyone else has said, "Just breathe"! IT will all be ok.
    Have a great stress free day!

  4. We are really proud of you too Jeri, and also so happy to be sharing these blogs. Nothing wrong with slowing down some. I get that way sometimes myself. One minute things are going so slow that I'm almost bored, and then the next minute there are a million things to be taken care of all at the same time. I'm looking for the medium, in between those two stages but it's sometimes hard to find.

  5. Jeri, I am so glad to have such a great group of blogging friends too. I am with you we have to just take some time to slow down and not stress so much. This time of year seems to bring way to much stress on us and in the long run it just not worth it. Take care my friend and enjoy your weekend.

  6. That was a sweet post, Jeri. I think we all feel fortunate to have found such a great group of ladies.

    One of the things we all need to learn better is listening to our bodies and what it's telling us to do. As long as your doing what's good for you, and not simply being lazy, you'll do fine. Hang in there.

  7. I agree Jeri! Nice to have this great bunch of women! It's good that you are going to keep things going the same diet wise with all the crazyness going on. Better to take some thinking out of the equation, but in the good way. Have a great weekend!