Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...for real comfort

According to Jane Austen...it's where you go for real comfort.
Aren't we blessed to have a space that is ours? With it's mortgage, rental agreements, small or spacious ( I live in a townhome) , we have a place to call home.
It's a refuge to us-the place to catch our breath. Sometimes it's messy, and the fridge needs a good cleaning, and/or maybe there is laundry on the couch that needs to be folded?
 I think of it as a sacred space where we gather as a family...now it's mostly just my hubby and I.
I had another good day-and I plan on having another today!  I feel like I've caught my breath...thank goodness for home.
P.S. I've lost 5 of the 7 lbs I put on during my diet soda, sugar/carb week.


  1. See Jeri - 5 gone already. Aren't you proud of yourself?? I know I am. Have a great day :-)

  2. Awesome! Sending hugs and love!

  3. That is so great about the weight! That's why I personally love the BFC. Each time I have gotten off track on vacations or whatever, I have lost the weight again rather quickly when my system cleared back out.
    I love being "home". A LOT!!! I love being on vacation, but there truly is no place like home. I'm glad that you are back and catching up with yourself:)

  4. hooray! yes, HOME is good. I love my home. Have a great day!

  5. Home is definitely where the heart is. You lost that weight fast! That's so awesome!

  6. I LOVE home! Yippee on your weight loss!!!

  7. I love Jane Austen! I'm renting out my home and renting the one we live in... so confusing but I finally feel at home after a long time!