Friday, March 2, 2012


  1. Mojo is a magical charm bag used in voodoo, which has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal.
As you know, I misplaced my mine...mojo that is...for a short time.
 I'm determined to find ALL of it...starting right now. Not at the next meal, tomorrow, or Monday...right now.
Actually, there is no 'magic' to weight loss/being healthy/looking great in your jeans.
I just got sidetracked...tired...overwhelmed.
(My life isn't any harder or more complicated than anyone's just mine)
 In a way, I lost myself.  It didn't happen all at never does.  (I've done this before)
May I share a few things I'm aware of may take me awhile to really sort this out:
1)   I wanted my children to be proud of me. In some way, I thought they might love or approve of me more if I were thinner.  When in fact, I really need to love/care/approve of myself with the same intensity that I've always given to matter what they say or do, or how they act.
2)   I'm getting bored with my 'diet', and I'm really missing fruit. However, I know how to 'spice' up my food life again.
So in reality, I'm searching for myself.
(P.S....I've gained 7 lbs from my lowest since I started BFC. I'm a little teary, but not deterred)


  1. Oh Jeri, I too thought the same that people would like me better thin, but that's not it.
    Don't worry about the 7lbs - just get up and keep going. You CAN do it!!

  2. I read your words and I believe in you. You will get your Mojo back!!! Is it the time of year or what? I have lost mine temporarily too???
    My kids have a way of cutting me to the very core of my being. I have had to step back and wrap my head around that they will "someday" see the error of their ways. I will always love them fiercely and fight for each of them with all of my strength, but I have to let them be for awhile. I have to focus on who makes me feel good...
    You will get that weight back off. I believe in you!

  3. Weight loss really does need to be done for ourselves. Not because os selfishness, but because we are the ones that live in our own skin and we need to be at peace and comfortable with who we are. That peace and being at ease with ourselves will naturally affect those around us in a positive way. Do what's right for you and you'll be on the right path.

  4. You go, girl!!! I think it's the time of year, too. I tend to focus on those around me as well, and it doesn't do me any favors. I think that idea you have of mojo as it relates to this healthy body thing is a *very* interesting way to put it. I really like that context, actually! Would love to get that mojo back!

  5. Jeri, I feel you sister. I know what it is like to have lost your mojo. But we if we stay the course we will find it. Our children can break our hearts and it hurts to the core. Just remember you have love and support with all of us here. I miss fruit too so that is one reason I am going back to WW. Gotta do what works for you so you dont get bored. Happy weekend my friend.

  6. This is such a relatable post. I guess it's all about finding the motivation to keep you going. Finding something that gets you all fired up about losing again. I think that's one reason people flip from diet to diet sometimes, because they've read something new that excites them, or they hear a great weight loss story that inspires them. Sometimes it's hard to stay inspired doing the same stuff everyday. These boards do help in that department I think.

  7. Jeri, thanks for sharing. I think from reading all the blogs in the last several weeks, that we all can relate. Spring is coming and we will get that Mojo back!! Sending love and hugs to you.

  8. my "thinks, he's a rottweiler," yorkie is named Mojo and boy does he have it!! he, and your post, remind me that we need to think of ourselves as powerful. it truly is within us, sometimes we just forget!! I am with you