Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I thought of this fun picture to send you (you'll have to use your imagination, because I was too lazy to get my camera, and download the pictures...but I thought of you...that counts, right?)
. bottle of Pellagrino (did I spell that correctly) It's in a beautiful green bottle and has a lovely label.
. package of Stevia (also green package)
. a True Lemon package (the stuff is a box. You buy it by the Crystal light, but it doesn't have any fake sugar. This tastes pretty lemony-and has < one carb. There is also a true orange that is good too)
Mixed together in a large glass of water with plenty of ice--if you're feeling happy add a straw (the bendy ones is even better!)
Take a big sip and think of me...smiling.
I'm leaving  tomorrow for a (4) day continuing education class, and then to CA for one week with baby Georgia. Now my children fly me out to them (it's a nice gig). I'll check in with you all when I can.  You can think of me...enjoying my pre-perinatal massage class, and then holding baby Georgia for 7 days...I will be smiling.
Enjoy your day, and welcome to all the new ones who have joined my site. And a heartfelt thank you to my dear blogging friends who check in with me often. You uplift my days, and give me hope. Thank you.


  1. That sounds delicious. It reminded me of a WW drink my mom used to make years ago. Hers had seltzer or club soda, a packet of sweet and low and a squeeze of lemon. Yours is more upscale with the San Pellegrino!! Enjoy your class and your baby holding time. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Thanks also for your lovely comments to me on my last post. I really value how you are always so insightful in your comments. Sending hugs to you from me!

  2. I love that True Lemon - you are very lucky to find it in your stores! I have to order mine. Which part of Cali will you be in?

  3. Yes I can picture it. Have a good trip again with the baby and call me if you get some time :-)

  4. Love that! I do that too, but I don't have the trulemon,so I just use lemon juice. mmm.. Have a good trip!

  5. Correction: NO need to add to class of water...just add ice :/

  6. Jeri, what a sweet post. That drink sounds perfect for the warmer days coming up. Have a wonderful time in your class and holding that beautiful baby, whose name I love!