Sunday, May 20, 2012

Can you picture this?

In my 'mind's eye' I can see this:
It's the perfect weather day: sunny and warm, and just the slightest breeze. 
I'm sitting at a large, round, umbrella covered table... and each of you are there. 
 There is a bouquet of pink & white peonies (a favorite) stationed in the middle.
 I would share with you my Stevia sweetened, mint infused water (fresh mint from my garden. I love to garden, and appreciate my herbs), with crushed ice, of course (another favorite). 
We're talking of family and life, and what we're interested in. 
 I know, I wouldn't notice the pound or two you've gained or lost/gained or lost. Or, If you were at your goal weight or not.  I would be too interested in what you were sharing, and who you really are.
 It makes me smile to imagine that.

Sisters, I've been thinking non-stop (strongly for two years, but for almost 35 years) of the number on the scale (my scale), and the food I should, could, would-or ought to have eaten (mostly, not eaten). 
It's a little crazy making--for me.
In our days of striving to care for ourselves we: shower, lotion up, do our hair/make-up, brush our teeth/floss, shave/wax, move our bodies, get the idea.
I never obsess about some of those self-care, health promoting tasks.
 But I do obsess about my weight and food I do or will eat.
Right now, that just doesn't feel right.
I have no desire to be bigger, or eat out of control.
 I do desire to feel good in my own skin. 
That includes, losing some weight.
What I really want, is to look at myself, the way I'd look at each of you sitting at that table.
I don't have any answers.
I am  questioning myself.
It's time for a mental shift.
I'll keep you posted.
Blessings to each of you, my round table buddies. 


  1. You are so right and once again it shows how much our "head" has to do with weight loss, or at least that is what I read. I truly believe that giving up the "what I can or can't have" has been the reason that this works for me. A friend at the shower I went to yesterday asked if I had counted out how many oyster crackers I had put on my plate? It surprised me because who notices those things? It was a shower, so most everything was high in sugar. I opted for some of the seasoned oyster crackers, a couple of pieces of sliced fruit and a shrimp with a teeny bit of cocktail sauce and a piece of some skewered chicken. I ate PLENTY, and I did not want, need, desire the cupcakes for dessert. She was telling the gal next to us that I had always been thin, that I have the metabolism every body dreams of etc. I am like, that was 40 years ago!!! Did you not see me when I was having kids or struggling up and down from 180's to 140's? She said she lived in Florida for 14 years remember?! So there you go, someone thinks it is "easy" to be thin because I have a super fast metabolism! Ugh!!!!
    I personally think that you "think" too much!:) Quit thinking!!!I hope you have a wonderful week, and just so you know....I miss seeing your sweet posts more often. Just saying!

  2. Oh, and yes I could picture that! And I picture myself as being very happy and comfortable sharing with friends:)

  3. I would love to be there with all of you!!!! It sounds like you might need to read the book I recommended, Make ShiFt Happen by Dean Dwyer. I don't know if you caught my post on it, or not, but it is sooo good. I love his different way of looking at this issue. He really makes you think in a totally new way. He does has a post about it on his blog, which has some of what he says in the book, but the book has even more and goes into more depth.

    Here's my post on it, just in case you're interested...

  4. I know what you mean Jeri. When I get together with people I just enjoy their company and don't think about what they need to change, but I don't give myself that same luxury. Sometimes it does seem like too much effort to be thin and not enough effort to just enjoy life. For me I have been enjoying the way I've been eating for the past couple months and think that's how it will be when in maintenance. Having a couple beers or a few glasses of wine when I feel like it, or eating some of those chips at Chili's that are so good. But that turned into maintaining for me and not losing. For right now I've decided that I'm going to give it the final push to try to get to my goal weight before my summer vacation. Of course my mind is into it right now and that makes a big difference. If this doesn't work I may just have to learn to be content the way I am.

  5. Yes I can picture it and we are all having such a great time :-)

  6. I'll be there! What time? LOL! You are so right, and have such a different way of looking at things. You calm me down through your very words! Sending you hugs and love1

  7. I love this, and you are so right!