Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday night confessions!

I think I might have slightly lost my my mind last night-after I ate a few ravioli (ok, it was 6 I think...I really didn't count!!!) I did eat them with some sauteed bok choy & shrimp, so all wasn't lost. But just like the 'old' days-I wasn't full. All I could think about was eating carbs-sugar--whatever I could get my hands on. Instead I did finish  Dawn's chocolate cookies...with whip cream (5 cookies-and a lot of whip cream) It could have been so much worse...but it wasn't.

Funny how after doing the BFC for 3 mos. that carb/sugar addict is there in me, just waiting to come out.  I didn't jump on the scale this morning-I walked past the large bathroom mirror, and said "whatever."
 It was just one meal and today's a new day. So I'm ready to plan a little better, and not get so hungry. It may be best for me to stay away from those ravioli!!!

Here's to a new day!! And I hope yours will be wonderful.

P.S. Thanks Rosy for your post. I appreciated how you invited anyone on any plan to be a part of the support offered...I like that. 


  1. Hi Jeri!
    Isnt it funny how some carbohydrate dense foods can really trigger a big ole carb binge? Good for you for reigning it in and forgiving yourself and moving forward. We can restart any plan with the next meal.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Jeri, before BFC, I could eat a plate and 1/2 of spaghetti no problem then be ready for desert. I remember how bad carbs don't make you feel satisfied and make you just crave more - just like Jorge said.
    It's OK Jeri, it was just one meal and you are still doing great!!
    Don't give up! and have a great day :-)

  3. Just one meal! Absolutely! That is definitely the problem with carbs - if you eat too many they do keep you wanting more. Glad the cookies are helping!

  4. I know everytime I either skip lunch or don't have an afternoon snack if I'm hungry, I get too hungry at dinner and lose control. I was reminded of that today when I scarfed down too much cheese popcorn, when it's my goal in the afternoon to snack on real food. I'm glad you didn't lose control. This is such a learning process about ourselves, isn't it!