Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday, and I hope you have something special planned to celebrate the weekend. I'm such the 'simple' girl that just about anything feels like a celebration, especially when I'm with family.
I got on scale this morning 182.5...down 2.5lbs...finally! (10 lbs lost since mid June) I had been 'stuck' for a few weeks. It's hard to not get discouraged, but it's been so helpful to have this team of BFC'ers. Thank you everyone.
I will be picking up my daughter and grandson the from airport in a few hrs. Yee Haw!  So I'm off to put finishing touches on the house and grab a quick walk before all the fun starts.

Your friend in fighting for good health!

-Alex Haley
"Find the good---and praise it"

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  1. Great job Jeri on the weight loss. I knew you could do it, now just keep going.
    Have fin this weekend :-)