Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do your days fly by too?

How my day went...
  1. Loved and fed my family-I have visitors until Sunday afternoon
  2. Worked-saw some clients
  3. No walk today-but have one planned for in the am.
Bfst: 2 eggs/spinach/coconut bread with very little pb 0/1
Lunch: Flat bread w/ meat & cheese 0/1
Snack: Think Thin bar 3/1
Dinner: Taco w/ salad (no dressing) 2/1
Sugar free snow cone-pretty sure it wasn't made with Stevia
I generally eat more veggies, but some days  just work out like that.

I hope your day went well!


  1. Hi Jeri, I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Your foods look good for today. I like how you have walks planned, that's what I need to start doing. Maybe now that school started....

  2. You didn't do so bad today with the food, you actually did great, you had spinach at breakfast.
    Keep BFC ' n girl and have a great day :-)

  3. Hello Jeri! What's a think thin bar? Your meals sound yummy - I love taco salad! Tacos are a weekly or bi monthly occurrence around here. I would make them more if the boys didn't eat so darn much of them! Have a great afternoon!