Monday, August 22, 2011

Stats and committments

I started BFC mid June, and I think I weighed about 192. This morning the scale said:185. Not a super impressive loss, and I've been here for a few weeks. I really think this blogging/public tracking thing will keep me moving along...won't do me any real good to feel discouraged today! I've been vacationing (multiple mini trips), not tracking as well, and I do have a tendency to snack, so I know where to begin.

Waist: 36.5' -
Thighs: 23.5 (right .5' smaller?)
Upper Arm: 13"
 I will measure 1x month and weigh weekly. Monday morning seems a good time for that.
My menu plan for today:
Bfst:  2 pieces-Coconut bread french toast,  choc whipped cream and few raspberries, 1 egg (2/1)
Snack: Celery & 1 oz of walnuts (1/0)
Lunch: Chicken wrap w/ spinach & hummus (2/1)
Snack: 1c. raw Cauliflower w/ yougurt dip (2/1)
Dinner: Chicken, 2 c romaine lettuce(radish,celery, and mushroom) salad w/ flax seed dressing & chocolate chia seed pudding(2/1)
Lots of H20 & 4 mile walk.
Looks like a good plan-totals for today 9/4
...any suggestions?  How often do you weigh/measure self?

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