Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm a simple girl...

Yes, I am that simple girl: I love my family, the outdoors, a good book, and 'real' conversation.

I'm new to the blogging world-so I'll learn as I go. This is a picture of me and my husband of 33 years-pic taken last Christmas. 
 I've been following BFC for about 2 months now. I'll give my stats later, but I wanted to share a few things I've learned as I've been following your blogs, and why I wanted to start my own:
1) Accountability- I've noticed that those who seem most successful share their food logs, weight (high's & low's), measurements, etc. You're bravery has helped me these last weeks. Thank You! 
2) Support-It's hard for me to ask for help, but I need to. I see (read) you all cheering each other on.
3) Rescources- Recipes, links, tips-they've been so helpful to me.
4) WWRD??...she would blog and let other's help her, so here I go! 


  1. HAHA, I love the last one. yes support and accountability are very important on the BFC. I am very glad that you started blogging.
    YOU CAN DO THIS!! :-)

  2. Hello Jeri welcome to the bfc blog community. Having a blog is a very helpful tool, without the community I am sure I would have given up the bfc long ago because there have been some hard times. Have a great day :)

  3. Was that a typo on how long youve been married? 33 years? You must have married as an infant because holy cow, you dont look old enough to be married that long. Yes, its very therapeutic to blog. Welcome & chat away! We are all here to listen, help & cheer you on!