Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Tuesday

I spent some time this morning  visiting a few friends, and will be seeing a few clients this afternoon. (I'm a massage therapist/esthetician). It's a beautiful day here, and I plan on taking a walk once it cools off this evening. I live fairly close to mountain/river trails, and it's my favorite place to exercise/relax.
I did pretty well yesterday sticking to my plan. Honestly, I don't like the do-ahead menu thing, but it did help me to think my food out a bit.  I like having a few things on hand and ready, and then see what I feel like eating. Like last night I didn't feel like dinner-but ate a few bites of chicken later on w/ avocado.  I should have checked out the carb value before I ate, but live and learn!
So far today for:
 Bfst: oatmeal w/ chia seeds & almond milk (S/1, C/2).
Snack: Raw cauliflower w/ hummus (S/2, C/1)
It looks like sardines (yes, you read that right: low mercury, good dose of Omega-3's-I just recently discovered that I like them) and a high fiber crisp bread thingy for lunch w/ a small spinach salad: (S/1, C/1)
I do this thing w/ my chia seeds: I put 2-4 T of seeds in jar w/ lid-add water. Thet soften, swell-and gel, and I like them in my oatmeal like that.  It bulks up that little bit of oatmeal and is filling...and adds good dose of fiber. 
May you have a blessed day...
"One kind work can warm three winter months"  -Japanese Proverb

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  1. I like to put chia seeds in my salad or add 1c almond milk to 1/4c chia seeds, 1 packet truvia and let it thicken. Keep up the good work :)