Thursday, April 26, 2012

Company, working and a little more working

...that's what I've been up to.
And I'm grateful for both.
My daughter gifted me a make-up I am doing that this afternoon. The esthetician I'll be seeing is good, so I'm hoping to learn some little trick. I feel that I rarely make makeup changes, and I've  basically have been doing the same thing for the last 25 years!
I can see my eyes getting older (and my hands/arms...I wish I would have used more sun protection on them...don't forget your neck and chest too!) , my eyes show everything...and that includes my age. I need to make some peace with the fact I'm getting older..not old...just older.
TODAY, I'm going to enjoy my daughter's company, be pampered a little, and use my Sephora gift card.
I've been a So today is just about some fun and enjoyment. I'm up for that!


  1. That sounds wonderful! I have worn my makeup the same way my entire adulthood! I would love to have a makeover. I just went from drug store brands to Clinique, whenever there is a gift with purchase offer.
    Work keeps you younger, I believe that! I know my brain is slowing down from not having the activity and structure of work. Even though it is "work", it is probably good for us "older" folk.
    This last year of lots of sun was really hard on my skin. I do use sunscreen, but I love the sun.
    Enjoy your wonderful day:)

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I do have a wonderful life right now, instead of making me happy, it scares me. How dumb is that? I am afraid the life I led for 40+ years will come crashing back. Chaos and uncertainty! I struggle with accepting the Blessings that I don't feel I deserve:( Crazy lady!!!

    Take pictures!!!

  2. That sounds nice to get a makeover. I notice the age showing in my eyes too. Have fun today :-)

  3. How fun! Have a wonderful time. :)

  4. I am awful with makeup, have no idea at all how to do it! Enjoy your day with your daughter and share any tips with us :)