Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm getting closer-

I made myself get on the scales this morning, and I'm down 3 lbs from last week (just 7 more to go to be at my lowest this year).
What's been different??
A little daily exercise, no diet drinks, more water and vegetables, very, very low grains/legumes. I'm not counting, measuring, etc. this week. I'm just making an effort to lay off the foods I know don't help me!
Wah-lah! My body responds by giving off some of this excess weight!
I haven't been 'perfect' (I don't like that word...and it means something different to each of us). I've just made simple changes from meal to meal.
Some cooking inspiration came from:  www.kaylynskitchen.com.  I generally see recipes as a method and then tweek them to my liking. I really liked her Chimichurri recipe and others.
Take Care-


  1. Great job girl keep it up :-)

  2. Fantastic! It's sounds like you're doing really good getting yourself back on track.

  3. That is awesome - congrats! My scales are dead and Im not sure if I should get new batteries or maybe a new scale altoghter?

  4. Good for you Jeri! I like her blog also. She has some good recipes.

  5. Good for you! Isn't it freeing to just allow the body to do what it was designed to do!? When we get our head out of the way, our body can take care of itself.
    Keep it up, Girl!