Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is it really about food?

I've been thinking the last few days about impulse eating...which I know a little about :/
For me, grains and sugary foods fuel my seemingly out of control eating. That sensation, where a switch got  turned on, and if I just eat enough; I could turn it off.
There is an emotional component to my overeating...maybe even to my 'controlled' eating patterns as well?
Yesterday, I did a little physical exercise and made some good food choices. That's a great start.
The food is one part of my picture, and I'm searching out  how to take care of my emotional life.
I keep finding myself cycling up/down, up/down with my weight.  I'm now heavier than I was 5 months ago.
I'm not making any excuses for myself. I do  want to understand how I keep coming back to the same place.
Thanks for your support and insightful comments.
Take care-


  1. I'm sorry, Jeri. Sometimes it is about the food. Some people really are ultra sensitive to grain carbs. I heard a nutritionist say that you could put a stick of butter in front of someone and there's not way they could eat that stick of butter with a spoon (except for those few, rare individuals who can eat a stick of butter with no problem...uggh, gross!), but give them a loaf of bread to go with it and they could consume that entire stick of butter with no problem, along with the loaf of bread. There's no other food group where I know that to be true except grain carbs. Even vegetables, where you sometimes add a little butter or oil to them, you can't add too much or it's gross!

  2. That would be me minichick! I would eat the whole loaf.
    Jeri, from experience with life, I can tell you that the sugar/carbs are what are causing the food issues, not really vice versa. I know when I was eating too much sugar and too many carbs I was always unhappy. I was depressed/not thankful/sad....When I finally got a grip on the sugar, I feel like my life has changed. I still have those moments...but not as severe. Every time I walk away from high sugar things, I feel like an addict that just took control. I was just at a wedding shower this morning and EVERYTHING was sweet but a piece of quiche. Which thank goodness was to die for. I had an empty plate so I put on a little piece of a bread that turned out to be lemon...trigger....but I just ate 2 bites and then put my plate away. I did have some fruit because I didn't want to look too rude. I feel good about my decisions, good about how I look, happy that there is a little sunshine:)
    You can get there again. We will be here for you!

  3. You all know for me its all about the sweets. I am so glad that I have found ways to eat them and still be on the BFC.
    It took me 2 whole months to get used to this way of eating, and that was doing it perfectly every day. So give yourself a break. You CAN do it :-)

  4. I do think I used to eat emotionally. Sometimes it was because I was bored or lonely and it made me feel better, sometimes because I associated food with celebrating when I was out with people. Being on the BFC was really a way to control myself. At first it was a bit of a game trying to come up with things to eat that would be BFC friendly and satisfy me, but over time it just got to be habit and VERY easy to turn down bread (which I LOVE) and cookies (which were so easy to grab and eat). I think you can do this but it will take some getting your head back into it. Hope you're having a Happy Easter!