Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Cali

Sometimes all you can say is 'It's been a week (s)!"  I'm leaving on Thursday evening for CA to be there for some loved ones.  I know it seems that  I write cryptically about some things, but I feel the need to honor the privacy of others.
Do you find self care becomes more complicated--or less clear, during times of challenge? At least it does for me. (I'm open to your thoughts on this...)
 I do know that I'm not going to search out any chips, sugary foods, or Coke Zeros...that doesn't scream "self-care" does it?
So what am I going to search out?:
*... my large cooler, so I can pack up some BF/FT friendly foods for my trip.
* ... the support of friends (one way is to keep blogging).
*...God's inspiration through prayer
Blessing to us all-


  1. Jeri I used to struggle when I was upset. Used to eat for just about every reason known to man.
    But now I have learned it doesn't have to be such a struggle with food when I'm upset.
    Make sure to pack some BFC stuff and you will be fine. I'm just a phone call away :-)

    1. How did you overcome your 'struggle' with using food to self-medicate? (my word, not yours). How did it come about that you stopped using food when you were upset?

  2. I'm sorry. I hope your time there is productive and some of the issues get worked out.

    As far as taking care of yourself during stress, the contradiction there is that eating junk food is not taking care of yourself. You can think more clearly and function better when your not foggy and tired from eating junk food. While you are at wherever you are going, go to the grocery store and buy what you would normally have for yourself at home so that familiar foods are within your reach. Also, buy already prepared foods at the salad bar area. You can tell looking at the dishes what foods would most likely be the safest. Keep a store bought roast chicken on hand so that you can have something filling and low carb on hand to fill out any meal. If you like shiritaki noodles, buy some of those to make a meal using the noodles, chicken, and any low carb/sugar sauce that you like. Also, for the time being, buy some of those microwave bags of vegetable so that you can easily keep your vegetable intake up. Not being in your own environment, if you don't make it as easy as possible to keep yourself on track and eating as healthfully as possible, you'll more easily go off track during the times of stress. PLEASE, really and truly, take care of yourself, okay?

    Tons of hugs for your trip and situation,

  3. Jeri, I think the first thing to do to stop emotional eating you've actually already done - know that it's a problem. I think all of us have grabbed something bad to eat and sat mindlessly eating while we are mulling over the newest problem. What stops me now would be:
    1.) realizing how that is sabotaging myself!
    2.) Eat a couple pieces of dark chocolate instead -it's still emotionally satisfying but much better for you.
    3.)Take a walk to think things over instead (especially if you're going to be back in nice weather!)
    4.) Write out what you are feeling. I don't mean publicly for all to see but somewhere private for yourself. For me I sometimes write a huge letter to myself and rant and spew about what I'm angry/upset/sad about and just getting it out of my system that little bit makes me feel better.
    I also like your idea of packing a big cooler and taking a bunch of BFC stuff with you. That seemed to work out well for you on your last trip.
    I hope things get better soon!!

  4. Jeri, whatever is going on in your life, I hope I can offer some support as you gave to me. Take care of yourself. It's easy not to in times of stress. I hope things work out the way you want them too. I will send my prayers your way. I don't feel they hold much weight these days, but I do know that God doesn't work that way. Blessings to you and yours. Stay strong! Sending hugs too!

  5. Jeri, Hope things are okay...have a safe trip and we are all here to support you. Thanks for always being a support to me.

  6. I'm here for you too Jeri! I still struggle with emotional eating myself, but it's WAY better than it was when I was still 'on sugar.' It can be that way for you, too. I am going to echo the others to say keep up with your cooler of healthy foods. The last two trips I went on I brought a cooler full and it served me very well. Just make sure to bring yourself a 'treat' that you can indulge in that's not going to break you. That is always my saving grace. I brought dark chocolate and wine to Disneyland (not into the park, LOL) and it helped me to say no to all the goodies staring out from all the windows and stuff. (I am an any emotion eater. happy, sad, stressed, doesn't matter. still working on that! ) Take care!!