Sunday, January 29, 2012


I came home to a good husband who had flowers waiting for me, and my bathtub clean and ready for a hot bath! And after a 12 hr drive home-that was heaven.
As I've wanted to protect the privacy of others, I've not shared on my blog the reasons I rushed to CA and the sadness. I believe this situation is the new norm,  and I will be learning a different way to relate to my loved ones. That's all I can say about that for now.
On my way home I stopped to see our daughter (the one with the new baby :). She looks amazing, and the baby is doing great after his emergency surgery. I spent the afternoon holding him, and I'd like to think he has a memory somewhere that makes him especially comfortable in my arms. Being with a new baby is especially healing for me.
I did really well with my eating while I was gone...until the last 48 hrs! No problem,  today is a new day...and I'm beginning again. I do know that eating health-full and exercising will be some of the best tools for me to manage the stress, and will help me get some more lbs off!
I hope you all have a great day, and I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs.
Thank you for your kind and supportive emails. What a blessing you all are.


  1. Welcome home! Sending hugs and best wishes for all that's good and peaceful.

  2. Welcome home from me too! You are exactly right- taking care of yourself with healthy eating and exercise is the best way you can treat yourself in times of stress. Keep on, sister!

  3. Yes Welcome home and it good to hear you had a safe drive. That was a nice welcome home from him too huh?
    Have a relaxing great day :-)

  4. What a wonderful welcome home your husband gave you. Glad you made it back safely. So sorry about the stressful family situation.

  5. I am glad you had a safe trip home. How thoughtful for your hubbby to have a clean tub and flowers for you. I understand what you mean about respecting other's privacy and not wanting to share what prompted your CA visit, I hope all is well with those you went to visit. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. So glad your home Jeri! Holding a baby has a way of making all our troubles go away - at least for the moment. Glad the baby is doing is healthy and well.

  7. What a sweet husband and so glad you made it home safe and sound. I believe eating healthy does effect the mood. Wishing a wonderful and stress free week.