Sunday, January 15, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon...

What I'm blogging won't be uplifting and possibly not helpful to anyone but myself.
I can't (won't) even say what I eaten in the last 24 hrs., but know I'm all 'sugared' up. I'm just too embarrassed to say  This falling off the wagon has been coming on for a week, and I just didn't stop it. I don't handle stress and sadness very well...obviously.
 I had made it through the holidays and 3 weeks in CA without even of portion of the damage I've done lately. I've been BFC'ing/FT'ing it for 7 months, and this is the first complete loss of control I've felt.
All I can say is I've experienced intense & total emotional eating-combined with the 'addictive' qualities of the the foods...Not fun ladies-don't go there.
Begin again-and I will.


  1. Jeri
    It happens to the best of us girl! Pick yourself off, dust yourself off and push the restart button! A fresh start begins with the next meal.
    Hugs to you...its ok!

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  3. Yep, keep going, that's what you need to do. Getting yourself back on track as soon as possible will help get those cravings back under control so you don't keep going down this road. Start drinking lots of water and herbal tea to help keep you hydrated; sometimes being dehydrated can cause us to have cravings because our body is craving moisture from any source, even if that means eating a ton of food because all food has some amount of moisture in it. Remember they say that sometimes our "cravings" are actually thirst that we are mistaking for food cravings. I'm sorry that you're under so much stress.

  4. Hi Jeri, yesterday doesn't matter only today does. Just move forward. I think you should stop doing the FT and just do the regular BFC, that way you won't be tempted with stuff you can't have. You have to be eating the right stuff so that doesn't happen again.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. I'm sorry Jeri. I really agree with Rosalie though on the BFC vs FT. The FT is just too restricting unless you have wheat allergies and that is why you are doing it. It just doesn't sound like the ultimate diet/weight loss plan...which is the "ONE THAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!"
    Truly, that's what has to happen, we have to adjust what we eat with what we can do realistically forever.
    I fell off the wagon HARD..with the cookies and toffee. I kind of wish it would have made me sick so I would have learned something, but it didn't:( I did learn something, that I simply can NOT have toffee in my house!
    My advice is to get the 15/6 journal out, prep your food for the week, mark off each s/c that you eat and when the dots are gone, you are done. My other advice is to find the things that you love and find a way to include them in your eating.
    I am sorry you are having emotional times. I know that you were all there for me with a kind word, I would like to be there for you too. Blessings my friend! We can do this together!

  6. Jeri, I'm worried about you and hoping that everything is ok in your life. I'm not trying to pry but if you need to get it out a little we are all here for you. It's hard to think about being healthy when your going through emotional turmoil, and eating seems to make us feel better in the moment, but it won't help. Of course you know this. Find your favorite BFC recipes, make your favorite BFC desserts and stock your kitchen so that everywhere you turn you will have an easy BFC ready snack/meal/drink. It will help you get bak on track. You'll feel better, I promise!

  7. I'm here for you too! As an emotional eater myself, I understand the why of how you got where you are right now. My advice to you is to immediately *right now* get back on 5 grams of sugar or less per meal. If you need something to eat, make sure it's a healthier choice. I don't think you have to add wheat back into your diet, it's very inflammatory, and you don't need to add any more inflammation. It will only take a few times of redirecting yourself until you keep making the right choices again. Over eating isn't healthy even if it's healthy food, but it better than eating too much sugar.

  8. OK, you fell off the wagon, you're human, just forgive yourself and start again right now, which from your post it sounds like you're doing. I just wanted to make sure you forgive yourself and just think about what your going to do right now. Forgiving myself has made the biggest difference in my weight loss and I thought it might help you. Take care, friend.

  9. Jeri, I have been reading other blogs and it seems like a few of us have fallen off the wagon. So we are human and that is what we do. It is just important to get back on before you do to much damage. I am speaking from experience, because I have put on a few pounds and a lot had to do with my surgery and feeling sorry for myself. So this year I am taking the bull by the horns and gonna figure this whole thing out. Take care my friend you can do this!