Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going Home

I'm leaving CA this afternoon:
 I'm leaving my sweet daughter who has her arms full with two boys under the age of two. I know she's capable, but it's going to challenge her for sure. As a Mom I would like to soften the harder edges of life for her, sometimes I can...but often I can't. That's not so easy for me.
I'm leaving these little boys whom I adore.
I'm leaving the 70+ degree weather :(
I'm going home to:
My husband, home, work, and some rest. I have a lot to go home to.
I looking forward to setting my goals for myself-it's time.
That's my day, and I hope your day is good as well.
Take Care-


  1. Safe travels! I can imagine it will be hard to leave your grandsons. It will be hard to manage for your daughter, but you were a wonderful Mother to step up and help for as long as you did! Very kind and giving! The memories you created will keep you happy and warm.
    Blessings and happy thoughts for you!

  2. Have a safe trip. This wonderful weather will miss you. LOL

  3. Have a good trip Jeri! It is now time for you! You deserve it.