Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm still FT'ing, and  I plan on continuing through Christmas. After that I'll  decide how I feel it's going. It's so easy, and I feel content. See Cat's blog for some thoughts on contentment.  I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I can have anything I want, but right now I just don't want lots of sugary, higher carb foods.  What a relief it is to not feel dissatisfied, and hungry all the time.
Here's a little snapshot of my eating-this was yesterday's meals:
2 poached eggs (I highly recommend the microwave poacher-got mine at Wal-Mart for less than $3.)
Spinach- I lightly heat this, until just wilted
Lunch: got busy working/running errands-but had a serving of pumpkin seeds
Mid afternoon snack:
Ricotta pudding- In addition to the 1 T of choc chips, I also added 2 t of homemade almond butter. See Dawn's blog for directions for how to's. It's so easy and delicious. Making it yourself is a real $$$ saver, as almond butter can be pricey.
Italian Sausage
Kale salad w/ red bell pepper-homemade avocado dressing
After dinner treat:
Reddi whip/choc
I'm with Rosalie-I always have a can in the fridge. I like having a 'treat', and this does it for me.  I don't do 1/2 & 1/2 in my Pero, so I feel ok about having the reddi whip...just about every day!
Blessing to you all-


  1. Contentment works wonders, doesn't it!?
    Keep up the good work, girl!

  2. Sounds good! Glad you're content!

  3. Hi Jeri, I am glad you are doing so well. Love the RediWhip and can't go without it.
    Have a great day :-)

  4. Sounds great! I always have whip too. I don't ever overdo THAT, so it's safe. I'm feeling content today as well. It's a good thing.

  5. I missed your last blog and wanted to tell you how beautiful you and your daughter look! I gave up the FT all the way yesterday and am back on the regular BFC! You are right about having to be content with the method you choose, and pick what is right for you. Your food all looks healthy and nutritious!! You will be at your goal in not time Jeri!

  6. Glad you have found something that works well for you. I did not do well doing the FT but doing the regular BFC has worked. I have never tried poached eggs believe it or not. What is the recipe for the ricotta pudding?

  7. Glad to hear things are good, your pic the other day with your daughter Erinn was beautiful, have a wonderful day :)

  8. Good for you for finding something that works for you. We are all not "cookie cutters' & what works for one may not work for the other. Thats the beauty of it all!
    Have a great weekend & keep up the good work on the FT! :)