Friday, November 18, 2011

See you all on Monday-

It's suppose to snow here...
so I'm going to embrace it, YES, enjoy it:  
This weekend I'm going to create some BFC friendly chili, drink lots of herbal tea  (Yogi Brand- Vanilla/Hazelnut-tastes like Chai-and is delicious), finish crocheting a new scarf, and work on Christmas gifts. If I do anything 'brilliant', I'll post a pic too.

I hope you all have a great weekend-you are all often doing something 'brilliant', and I appreciate you sharing your talents-that includes your thoughts with me.  Thanks for your never ending support-it keeps me going.
A big welcome to any newcomers-I think you'll be glad you joined in.

Take Care-


  1. Happy weekend to you to Jeri. I love that you may do something brilliant. I may do something brilliant too!!! Hugs from me to you! Enjoy the snow...even with your allergies!;)

  2. HI Jeri, You read my mind - I am probably gonna make some BFC chili this weekend too. Maybe it will make me feel better. I'm a little sicky
    Have a great weekend :-)

  3. Have a great relaxing weekend! It is supposed to snow here too:( It has been snowing lightly for the last few days. If I was a good wife, I would go clear off the driveway so it doesn't freeze.
    So you did like Zumba? I finally went back today and it kicked my booty!!!

  4. Sound perfect. We got the snow last night. Better to embrace it than curse it. i'm trying. Take it easy!

  5. I just have to tell you that I made your Orange pound cake today and it was FABULOUS! I didn't have orange and I substituted maple flavoring and put them into little mini muffin pans. They were the best yet! I took a couple pictures so hopefully I can put it on my blog another day. I also forgot to tell you that I made your spicy almond crackers a week or so ago. That is also a recipe for keeping! I can't believe you guys are getting the snow already. I feel guilty now complaining about our little pre-Halloween white stuff. It is getting cold here though, enough to start the woodstove. Have a great weekend!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend, it has been snowing here and it is sticking. I am also working on Christmas present ideas this weekend I hope to come up with something brilliant :)

  7. Jeri, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am starting to stress about all the things I need to do before Thanksgiving so I wont be able to do anything brillant.

  8. Most of you get my email, but I wanted you to know how fun Zumba was. I'm pretty sore-we did squats for about 5 min in the beginning, so you know where I'm truly sore. It feels like I've been horseback you have the visual! I'll go back to class on Monday-I know it'll pay off. Happy Day to you-