Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have you ever cried in a dressing room?

I did yesterday...

  I went into Old Navy...tried on a size 12 pair of jeans, and they we're just a tad too big. I knew in a few weeks they'd be way too big. So I got the 10's, and yes they fit. They'd look better in a week, but I could totally zip them up (without help).  I got teary even before I knew what was happening, and then I realized how happy and relieved I was.

So the scale is only one indicator of how well we're doing.  When I type out 6.5 lb loss w/FT'ing in 28 days; it seems minor, but standing in that dressing room, surrounded by mirrors, zipping up those size 10 jeans, and liking my reflection was worth all these last weeks.  And it didn't feel too minor at all, and we can celebrate our 'minor' victories-way before we get to goal. (I have about 25 lbs to go to reach my 1st big one)

If you haven't already, you may end up crying in the dressing room too :)
Bless you all for your support-it's made all the difference for me.
Keep taking care-


  1. Way to go girl! I remember when I fit into a size 14 from a 20 last year. I accidently locked myself out of the dressing room and had to run up to the front to get the girl and I was crying telling her my story - I was so excited.
    Great job!! :-)

  2. Whoo Hooo I am so happy for you. I've had a few happy moments as well as my share of feeling discouraged for things not fitting as they should. Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Great job Jeri. Yes I have cried in the dressing room, but for the opposite reason. I hope to have more joyful tears soon! So happy for you!

  4. I haven't cried, but I have left feeling really, really good about myself!! That is SO awesome that you were able to buy size 10's!! To me, that isn't minor that is major!

  5. that is so wonderful! What a great moment for you!

  6. Jeri, congrats to you that is so great. I am like Pattie I have cried for the opposite reason too. I am still trying to refocus and get back on track 100%.

  7. I'm in the "cried for the opposite reason" camp. That has happened to me several times actually. I'm glad your tears were happy tears.